The Perfect Summer Giveaway

Here is your chance to win the perfect summer giveaway – We R Memory Keepers Happy Camper collection.

It doesn’t matter if you prefer sleeping outside under the stars or being snuggled up inside a cozy tent, camping is one of those adventures that appeals to most. Happy Campers has icons reminiscent of hiking, star gazing, camp fires, and who couldn’t resist – s’mores. It also features a variety of textures that would be seen during outdoor adventures such as wood grain, constellations, wild flowers, trails, and more. The mix of colors and textures make the Happy Campers collection perfect for boys in addition to any outdoor adventure.

For a chance to win, post a comment and let us know what vacations or staycation you are planning this summer.


240 thoughts on “The Perfect Summer Giveaway

  1. Well, we were actually starting to plan a few mini vacations (extended weekends instead of just having one long vacation have a few that span over 3 days a piece). One of them was going to be camping and fishing out at the reservoir, another was going to be going to a few amusement parks and the last one was going to be going on a educational journey to learn something new about history (this was going to be done late july early august to get the kid ready for her junior year of high school). But sadly it looks as if we have to cancel this because my husband my have a tumor (unknown right now of type) on his pituitary gland. Well, medical takes precedence in our lives cause we want many years to come. So for now, it looks like our vacations will be in a hospital.

    • Jennifer I will keep you and your family in my prayers. I to have been dealing with cancer and masses in my brain this summer, so no real vacation plans, but I am spending time with my kids which is important.
      All will work out so due take at least one long weekend.

  2. This would be perfect for our end of summer camping trip to Wellesley Island. About 40 of us including kids go every year… next year my daughter will be a Senior and will be heading off to college, so it will be a trip to remember!!!

  3. Unfortunately no vacations planned for me. Just a few days off for a stay-cation. Any time away from work is nice though. 🙂

  4. We have a play tent set up inside for when we are at home, but we will be camping in West Virginia and visiting Grandparent’s cabin in Northern Wisconsin.

  5. We always do staycations iin the summer since we live in the best place to have a summer vacation, Colorado. My grandchildren are coming to visit and we will spend time at the pool, in my basement with the Legos I kept from my three sons collecting In the 80’s, and at a family cabin in the Rocky Mountains. They call my basement Lego town. Time for reunions with family and old friends in the fall.

  6. In July we are taking our Youngest grandchildren down to the ocean to play and watch their dad do an iron man competition. We hope it doesn’t rain but if it does we will make cards and play inside. I love my crafting toys and I especially love We are Memory Keeper tools and supplies. Great quality and make my card and gift making so much easier..

  7. Up on the family farm staying at a family home that is 125 years old. Loving every minute of it! Then off for a week in Vegas for a sisters graduation! 🙂 Great giveaway! Thanks.

  8. In July our family is going for a weeks camping/hiking trip on Isle Royal National Park in the middle of Lake Superior.

  9. Going camping with most of our children & grandchildren in two weeks. This would be perfect to use for scrapping memories

  10. Planning to stay right at home and swim in my pool! But my niece goes camping/boating and this line would be perfect for her scrapbooking!

  11. What pretty colours! This summer marks the beginning of my final year at university so I’ll be making an early start on my dissertation & major project. Hopefully still have time to fit in some scrapbooking though 🙂

  12. What a fun line! My husband and I will be camping at music festival for four days in July. We did it last year and loved it.

  13. We are very excited to be headed to the Outer Banks in North Carolina for a week. As we don’t get out of school until 6/20 we are still working on our Summer Bucket List. Can’t wait.

  14. The perfect “staycation ” this year is playing tourist in our hometown area of Northwest Florida.Yes,the Gulf of Mexico ,Snow White beaches,many restaurants serving fresh from the Gulf seafood.Maybe a movie or two.Staying home is the”bestest ever”.

  15. Doing local staycations with our toddler this year. Want to ease him into some fun family activities like local museums, outdoor parks, animal zoos, and daddy wants to take him for his first fishing trip.

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