Fold Down Craft Table

Now crafters with very little space in their home can have a work station to organize their supplies and be creative. The craft table folds out to 23 ½” wide x 59” high x 34” deep and is ideal for scrapbooking, sewing, crafting, organizing the home, studying, and more.

Crafting Table

Save even more space by folding the craft table up, and it becomes a decorative chalkboard that can be replaced with photos or artwork. The Fold Down Craft Table includes: chalkboard, chalk, eraser, multiple storage compartments, and required hanging hardware. Look for the Fold Down Craft Tables this fall.


33 thoughts on “Fold Down Craft Table

  1. I just ordered this on your FB page but have not heard back. Are you still making these? I would love to have one! Thank you!

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  4. My boyfriend always complains about me putting stuff in the spare room (he calls it his room) and this would be ideal as it folds right up to the wall. He would never know…..

  5. Just saw this at Create n Connect this afternoon. Oh my! Would love to see an option where a retailer could have it shipped directly to customer ordering it in different area. Cuts double on double shipping for customer and reduces the potential for damage in shipping by half for these customers. In addition, gets products to those customers quicker.

    Vr Carol

    Carol Coleman

  6. I love that there is hidden storage as well as the fold down desk. This would be great in a kids room with little space also!

  7. I think this is a great size. I already have a big craft desk, and this would be perfect for smaller projects. Can’t wait till it’s on the market.

  8. This takes me back to when my daughter was little, we had a tiny kitchen and no dining room, so my hubby made me a table that folde up onto the wall when not in use, so space saving and a great idea, although mine didn’t have storage behind…
    Hugz Kath…xx…

  9. Love this idea, and it could be expanded to be made bigger for us scrappy-table-hogs…we always need more table space. lol

  10. This is very cool–not only for crafts but to have in the dining room for entertaining–skip the buffet table–hang a few of these on the walls and you have the perfect set up! My craft room would eat this up–have waaaaay too much down here to give this a chance–but very clever…:)

  11. Very nice craft table….I am going to take pre-orders on this….many people are interested in this. Thanks again for another wonderful product from We R Memory Keepers

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