Send Envelopes in Style with Envelope Wraps

Here’s another new product from We R……..Envelope Wraps

Send envelopes in style for birthdays, holidays, weddings, and other special occasions with Envelope Wraps. Each package includes 18 self-adhesive designer Envelope Wraps in nine different styles. Create your own envelopes using the Envelope Punch Board and finish it off with unique Envelope Wraps. Look for wraps in Floral, Chalkboard, Kraft, and Seasons Greetings beginning in August.


Envelope Intro

Floral BlackboardKraftChristmas


Envelope Wraps coordinate perfectly with the Envelope Punch Board.

Envelope Punch Board

65 thoughts on “Send Envelopes in Style with Envelope Wraps

  1. I got mine from HSN and it came with a pad of paper to make the envelopes. I’m almost out of paper and can’t seem to find anything like the paper that came with it. What are you all using and where can I find the solid color paper pads? Any ideas? Mikes doesn’t have any, and I couldn’t find any at Joann either. All they have is card stock and I think it’s too thick for an envelope.

  2. Are the labels USPS legal??? I would love to have the envelope maker tool!!! You are always coming up with neat stuff! Wish I had that kind of mind!!!

  3. I need these! I write a lot of letters and make my own envelopes. I hope these will be available soon. Maybe Michaels or Hobby Lobby will carry them, yes?

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