Video Demo for the Fold Down Craft Table

Crafting Table

The Fold Down Craft Table was a HUGE hit at the CHA show. The craft table folds out to 23 ½” wide x 59” high x 34” deep and is ideal for scrapbooking, sewing, crafting, organizing the home, studying, and more. Save even more space by folding the craft table up, and it becomes a decorative chalkboard that can be replaced with photos or artwork.

Check out this video to see the Fold Down Table in action.

Where will you put it in your home?

10 thoughts on “Video Demo for the Fold Down Craft Table

  1. I just moved so I lost my craft room. It’s now stored in one room and I Waldo in another. It will be in my work room so more of my supplies are nearby but it won’t take up more space!

  2. I’ve already got my craftroom pretty full of tables and cabinets, but I have to have this, cuz I just know that I will be able to find a place for it somewhere!! Thanks for another GREAT PRODUCT!!!!

  3. Wish I had seen this when we were working on re-doing the
    office/craft room space. Would have looked good in here as
    it would blend in with what I now have all in white.
    But alas – too late.

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