Moving Day

Yes, the Albums Made Easy are awesome for those who don’t have a lot of time and make quick and wonderful documented pages. Albums Made Easy are also perfect for when you have an event that you just could not help taking so many pictures of and have a story to tell. In my case it was my son’s move in day for his first year of college. The Albums Made Easy made it so simple to document these photos. I had so many photos I could not just choose a couple to use to make a “traditional” layout so I chose the page protectors that allowed me to use many of them and still allowing me space to journal. The 4×3 inserts were perfect for those pictures that had a lot of empty space and unwanted backgrounds while still allowing me to get the image I wanted to showcase. The journaling cards are all ready to go, but you can add your own special touch if you want, me, I am keeping it simple and letting everything speak for itself.





Happy Labor Day!


Items Used:

Albums Made Easy Journaling Cards – Official

Photo Sleeves: 12×12 Ring 4-6×4, 4-3×4



2 thoughts on “Moving Day

  1. I love your layout! I especially loved the pictures of the state signs along the way…and then I saw it. The best sign ever…Exit 202! Rock Chalk Jayhawk! Your journaling brought a tear to my eye….my son is 4 now and I know that day for me will come sooner than I want. I think your son chose a fabulous school! 🙂

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