Pinwheel Pencil Jar

Looking for a cute back-to-school gift for your favorite teacher?  Here’s a fun idea that can double as a desk display, and a place to keep writing utensils.

I started out with a $1.00 pencil jar I picked up at Target, and covered it with patterned paper and an embossed sticker tag from the Hall Pass collection.  I recommend using hot glue to adhere the paper to the jar so it doesn’t peel up.

To create the pinwheel pencils, cut out several circles from the Hall Pass 6×6 paper pad using the Magnetic Circle Cutter.  Cut one of the circles from the outside toward the center in a straight line stopping about 1 inch before you reach the center of the circle.  Rotate the circle 1/4 turn and repeat this step until you have four evenly spaced cuts on the circle.

Fold down the right corner along each cut and adhere them to the center of the circle.   Using the Piercing Tool, stick a brad through the center of the circle and then into the eraser top of the pencil.

Not only will teacher’s desk look cute, but she’ll always have pencils at her fingertips.  (And most likely she won’t lose these puppies!)


Supplies used:

Hall Pass Collection

Magnetic Circle Cutter

Piercing Tool

Small Precision Scissors


8 thoughts on “Pinwheel Pencil Jar

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  2. Great idea! My daughter teaches and this would be a great addition to her desk. I have some questions:
    1. How large should the circles be? I know 6×6 paper is used but what is the diameter or circumference? I do not use a we r memory keepers circle cutter.
    2. After you put the brad thru the pinwheel you instruct us to put that same brad thru the eraser. Do you then open the prongs of the brad? How could you use the eraser?

    • Marianne,
      I used different size circles for mine–ranging between 2 and 3 inches. Yes, after you push the brad through the eraser, open the prongs to keep the pinwheel secure. With these pencils you would need to use a separate eraser. Hope that helps.

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