Tip of the Day Showcase

tip of the day


Scrapbook Expo and We R Memory Keepers are proud to present: Tip of the Day Showcase

Have you ever seen Scrapbook Expo’s “Tip of the Day” on the Weekly Scrapper blog? Have you ever thought to yourself, “Hey, I have a great crafting tip that I would love to share?” Well, now is your chance! Join us on October 11 & 12 at the Scrapbook Expo in Ontario, CA to participate in this exciting showcase competition! We will have our professional camera crew and set ready to record your 1-3 minute crafting tip. From there, the crafting rock stars at Scrapbook Expo and We R Memory Keepers will select the Top 10 tips. Winners will receive a wonderful prize pack AND qualify for the Tip of the Day Showcase Semi-Finals.

Then it’s time to put the voting into YOUR hands! Was your video chosen? Have your family and friends vote, vote, vote for your tip! Do you love a tip that you saw? Vote for it yourself! We will randomly select 10 voters to win a wonderful prize pack of crafting supplies, so EVERYONE has a chance to win! After one week of semi-finals voting, the Top 5 voted tips will move on to the Tip of the Day Showcase Finals! After one more week of voting the top ranked video will receive the prize of a life time…a Grand Prize Pack from We R Memory Keepers with a total value of over $500! Visit http://www.weeklyscrapper.com/ for complete rules and conditions.

So now is your chance to prove to all of your crafting family and friends that you are the next Martha Stewart! Now’s your chance to show the world your crafting genius and be crowned the WINNER of the Scrapbook Expo, Tip of the Day Showcase, brought to you by We R Memory Keepers!


SBook Expo Prize


13 thoughts on “Tip of the Day Showcase

  1. I purchase inexpensive plastic bed trays ( about $5) they have pockets on each side to hold suppliers and tools. I use them to work on different projects or projects at different stages; glue on one, glitter, embossing. I can put them aside and move onto the next step or project. They’re light weight, come in different colors and stack up taking little space when not in use. Keeps me sane.

  2. Clean ink off stamps with diaper wipes. Individually wrapped Refresh wipes actually cleaned road tar off my hands in South Africa when I had a flat tire.

  3. Waste not want not… When using paper punches, flip over the punch so you can see where to punch and not waste any of that precious paper you spent good money on. This is especially a good way to savor every piece of that $2.00 a sheet glitter/shimmer paper!

  4. Have a hubby who loves you and lets you buy scrapbooking stuff even though he might not know it. 🙂
    Seriously, organize your paper your way. I have my cardstock by color and the patterned paper by theme. Some people keep patterned paper by manufacturer or other ways.

    • I thought I was the only person that OCD…. My paper is organized by color also (light to dark in each color family) and my patterned paper by ‘theme’ It makes it much easier to find what I need, when I need it

  5. When using tape rollers I put the paper I am taping on Wax Paper so that any extra tape near the edges doesn’t get on whatever table I am working on!

  6. Don’t compare yourself to others.
    You may look at others scrapbooks and have envy, but YOUR pages are reflecting you. so just get them done and don’t worry about others.

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