Keepsake Pockets

I’m so excited today to introduce you to some awesome new We R products that will make your memorabilia memory-keeping so much easier–the 6×12 and 12×12 Keepsake Pockets!

These snap closure pockets have small outer pockets to fit either a 6×4 journaling card (on the 12×12 pocket) or a 3×4 journaling card (on the 6×12 pocket), and have scored lips to allow easy access to items stored inside.

They’re great for holding concert programs, artwork, maps, pamphlets, holiday/birthday cards, school papers, book reports, awards, certificates, or any other memorabilia you’d like to store in your album that might be difficult to include on a page.

I placed some of my daughter’s preschool artwork in the 12×12 Keepsake Pocket with a piece of 12×12 green cardstock behind it.

I added a 6×4 journaling card to the small front pocket with my daughter’s preschool photo and some journaling.

A program from a concert my husband and I took our girls to fit nicely into the 6×12 Keepsake Pocket.

Again, I backed my memorabilia with cardstock but this time I also created a pocket to hold the program onto the cardstock by taping a 6×4 journaling card to the cardstock with washi tape.  I included some journaling about our evening on the back of the 3×4 journaling card in the small pocket on the front.

These Keepsake Pockets are a fabulous solution for large bulky memorabilia that’s difficult to include on a scrapbook page.  And since they fit right into your albums, they’ll help keep your photos and memorabilia well organized and easy to view.


We R supplies used:

12×12 Keepsake Pocket

6×12 Keepsake Pocket

Webster Journaling Cards

Memo Journaling Cards

Aly Dosdall

3 thoughts on “Keepsake Pockets

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  2. I have to tell you that I find your website very difficult to navigate. I love the keepsake pockets but can’t find the price and wish it was in this email from you. I went so far as to go on your site and saw lots of different sizes but no prices. I don’t have time or energy (and my hands hurt from arthritis) to keep going to different pages to look for pricing. Just an fyi. Diane

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