Trim and Score Board

See the latest We R Memory Keepers video on the Trim and Score Board. It helps you trim and score projects with the convenience of one tool. Cut precisely using titanium blades on the easy-to-use 12×12” fold out surface, or create score lines for any crafting project. With measurements in both inches and centimeters, it’s perfect for creating boxes, cards, and envelopes.

2 thoughts on “Trim and Score Board

  1. I started into card making a year ago. I love the craft and had purchased this board as I like to buy name brands that are dependable. I was having problems, that I thought were from me just starting this craft. When I would attend the card workshops, I made beautiful cards, but always had problems with having to re trim my cards at home. I THEN DISCOVERED THAT IT WAS NOT ME, BUT THE TRIM BOARD I WAS USING. I took it to my instructor, and she indeed did verify the fact that it was not made correctly. I had bought this at HSN, and they tell me it is not their fault. I paid $30.00 plus shipping, and I cannot find anyone to help me with this problem. If ANYONE HAS A SOLUTION, as who I can contact, PLEASE LET ME KNOW. Thanks

  2. I can”t tell you how much I love all your tools and this one is another must have! Thank you for making the best tools in the craft business!

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