Letterpress at home

12-3 letterpress

Now it’s easier than ever to make high quality one of a kind letter pressed project in your very own home with our L Letterpress. With our tabletop letterpress you can add beautiful detail to your cards, party decor and any project you are working on. Have a wedding or big announcement coming up? Send your artwork to us and we can make a custom plate for you to create your own invitations.

12-3 customPrintingplate

Learn more about our letterpress in our how-to video.

9 thoughts on “Letterpress at home

  1. if the ink drys quickly, how long will it stay wet enough to continue braying. i’m thinking about wedding invitations, and i wouldn’t want to keep inking up the block every 2 invites.

    • The ink drys quickly on cotton paper. It will stay wet on your ink base for up to 24 hours. As far as re-inking it depends on how much you are inking each time. If I am inking a small flower I can do 20 with out re-inking. but if I am covering a 6×6 square with lots of design then I will have to re-ink ever 10 or so. It’s no hassle at all though. Just re-roll it out quickly and keep moving! You should try it out with one of our already designed products and then determine if you would like to do your wedding invitations with it.

  2. This was the first time I got to see the letter press in action. It is Very cool and looks like a ton of fun to work with! 🙂

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