Washi Tape Giveaway!!!!

Tis the season for another giveaway. Today the prize is a Washi Tape Dispenser filled with Washi Tape. Click on the link below to enter. Enter as MANY times as you want and be sure to share it with your friends for extra entries. The winner will be announced tomorrow.

Enter here: https://a.pgtb.me/JQm4Vv

If you haven’t seen one yet, check out this link to learn more: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YTCdzS-yP98



11 thoughts on “Washi Tape Giveaway!!!!

  1. Have only discovered Washi Tape here in New Zealand would be great to win one of these amazing stuff please let be a winner

  2. I have looked for these dispenser here in New Zealand I just love working with Washi Tape so easy to use – come on New Zealand get these into the country maybe just maybe I might be lucky enough to win this one

  3. I neeeeeeeeeed one of these… LOVE IT!! Love washi tape and all you can do with it!!
    I have an upgrade for you.. make it stackable toooooo!!! How coooooooool would that be?!?!?

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