Storing Christmas Cards

Every year one of my favorite things about the holidays is getting Christmas greetings from friends and loved ones and catching up with what’s going on in their lives.  We have a wall in our kitchen where we tape them up and enjoy looking at them throughout the season.  But when it’s time to take down all the Christmas decor, I’m usually at a loss for what to do with all those lovely cards.  Here’s one idea…create a flipbook and add it to your scrapbook page!

This page is from two years ago.  Do you recognize this Christmas collection?  An oldie but goodie for sure!  I used my Floral Burst Lucky 8 punch for a background, stacked up all my cards and punched them with my Cinch binding tool. Then I threaded some Sew Ribbon green velvet ribbon through the holes instead of using binding wire to lessen the bulk in my album.

I hope this idea inspires you as you put away your Christmas decor and store your wonderful memories.


Supplies used:

Lucky 8 Punch–Floral Burst

Cinch Binding Tool

Sew Ribbon–Green Ribbon

18 thoughts on “Storing Christmas Cards

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  2. Saw the Cinch last night on HSN and the Christmas Card idea. Thought it would be a great idea for my mom that lives at near by nursing home. I hate to throw her cards away so they are all in a draw in her room. This will be a great was to display them and she can look through them anytime she wants. They may even want to do it as an activity for some of the other folks. I came back today and ordered the Cinch!!! Thanks for a neat idea!!!

  3. I can not seem to throw my cards away. Thanks for the idea incorporating them on a scrapbook pages. I also like the idea of recycling them into next year’s Christmas tags.

  4. I cut out signatures using a tag puncher and string them together. I also punch the front of the cards for next year’s gift tags.

  5. I usually just make a pocket on my scrapbook page to put my cards in, but I may have to try this for this years cards. Thanks for sharing!

  6. I take all my handmade cards and scrapbook them together. Then I scrapbook all the photos sent to me. Finally, a scrapbook all the mailing stamps and any special cars. I cut out all the signatures on the cards and place them throughout. It is fun to look at the changes from year to year.

  7. Mine hang on a string around my living room/ craft room area, until I have acquired enough cards that I can take them down. I literally hang cards on a string, and start in one spot, working my way around the area. The cards usually end up staying on my string for me to look at for about a year.. then I take them down, and give them to friends to recycle them. I am terrible at it. if there is a card I really must CASE, I will keep it in a box I have for cards.

  8. I recycle them by using them in projects and if not using them I just save them from year to year and they are so nice to look back on later. Your idea of storing them is great . Thanks Have a Very Happy New Year

  9. I recycle them. I use the really pretty ones in pictures and put them in frames and add embellishments to enhance them. I write on the back so I know who they came from in future years. I cut things off of them and make recycled cards. Have fun I love to recycle them. Sandy Bayles

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