Coupon Organizer

If one of your goals for 2014 is staying organized (like me), then this project is perfect for you.  In the video below I’ll show you how to make this handy coupon organizer using the Envelope Punch Board and the Cinch binding tool.

The Tab Punch and Stickers are perfect for keeping things labeled…

…and since the envelopes are all stuck together the book won’t fall open and spill all your coupons.

If you don’t need a coupon organizer, this accordion file book can be used for storing receipts, photos, memorabilia, notes, or any other small bits of paper.



The Cinch

Binding Wire–Black 1″

8×8 Chipboard

Envelope Punch Board

Tab Punch and Stickers–File

For The Record Paper Pack

6 thoughts on “Coupon Organizer

  1. This is very nifty! I cant wait to make one myself! How do you do the Cinch part? Im still a beginner and would love to learn more about this! 🙂

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