The Evolution Tool Keeps Getting Better

Remember how We R purchased the Lifestyle Crafts brand last fall?  Well that means you’ll be seeing new Lifestyle Crafts products at CHA this year. Here’s a peek at one of them…….

Introducing the Evolution Advanced


The universal crafting platform for die-cutting, embossing, and letterpressing, just got even better. It’s still lightweight and works with most leading brand die-cuts and embossing folders. Now it’s easier to use with an attachable motor (sold separately) and a height adjustment gear system that automatically adjusts to fit each project. This means you no longer have to figure out which mat combinations are needed. The suction cup feet are perfect for no slip cranking and the easy fold up design and build in storage make it a perfect on-the-go tool. The Evolution Advanced kit includes a large 6×13” cutting and embossing platform, two mats, and a bonus Nesting Die (a $24.99 value). The Evolution Advanced system begins shipping this summer.


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33 thoughts on “The Evolution Tool Keeps Getting Better

  1. Ladies: there are lots of YouTube videos that show exactly how to use it. The platform placement is a little different. There seems to be confusion about the numbers. The numbers beginning with 1 and going higher are for your own custom settings of stock & folders that you have from other manufacturers. If you are using memory keepers items use the dial on the side. Choose the diecutting dial if you are diecutting etc.

    If you go to turn to put the platform through and there is any resistance at all stop. It should feel like you’re sliding a knife across a piece of bread with butter. There is barely any resistance. My only question: what in the world is the silicone mat for, the aqua colored one. I cannot find anything on my instructions are online regarding this. Thank you

  2. I used my Evolution for the first time today, and it just stopped before the platform was barely 1/4 through. The handle just spins, won’t crank forward or backward. The platform, die, mat and my project are solidly stuck in the machine. I haven’t been able to tug them out. This is very disappointing, to say the least. Can anything be done? Thank you.

    • I used my machine for the first time today, and it just stopped about 1/4 of the way through before the die even went through. Now it won’t crank either forward or backward, and my mats, project, everything are stuck in the machine. I have tried everything to get them out. Not a happy camper!

  3. Although it is much easier to crank and actually stays stuck to the table the handle falls off constantly when I am trying to run something through. Where can you find the motor?

    • I am having the same thing with my handle falling off. Do you know if we can get it fixed? I’m sure in time it will stop working.

      • Mine did stop working. Huge rip off, got the whole system from HSN with the promise of motor coming out soon. Now HSN has a separate machine with motor but does not sell motor alone.

  4. Does the magnetic platform for the regular evolution work with the evolution advanced? Also I am interested in purchasing an additional mat (not the rubber one). Where would I be able to find that? Is it the same as the A or B from the original evolution that comes with the magnetic platform? Thanks!

  5. How do you use the rubber mat? Do you diecut first with mat B then remove it and use the rubber mat without mat B? I’m trying to add the fine detail. Thanks

  6. How much is this great tool going to cost? My cuttlebug is on its way out. Please respond so I may check out my crafting spending allotment

  7. Will HSN be carrying this machine? We live 90 miles from the nearest craft store and I don’t always go every week to shop, so I do a lot on HSN.

  8. Love it! I’ve been a fan of Quickutz and Lifestyle since the beginning, love seeing new stuff coming, and this looks fantastic! What a reasonable price point, so looking forward to seeing this in action!

  9. For a while there I though Lifestyle was phasing out I had trouble finding anything. This new Evolution Advanced really looks awesome, I like it’s portability can’t wait.

  10. Great product, love the attachable motor. Can’t wait to see this machine in action (video, hint, hint). The MSRP is higher than I expected, but with coupons or sales, it’ll be affordable.

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