Square Hole Cinch

SquareThe ultimate book binding tool you love now binds in a new shape – square. The Cinch is perfect for a variety of projects such as home, office, and school. Punch up to 20 sheets of paper at once to make the process of binding a book quick, easy, and affordable. The Cinch works on any project length and will bind .325” – 1.25” wires. Use the Cinch for mini albums, recipe books, presentations, and more. cinch comparison

Also, look for new Calendar, Recipe Book and Journaling kits to use with the Cinch. These kits include everything you need to create beautiful projects with ease. The Cinch and Cinch Kits begin shipping this spring.

 Recipe Kit


23 thoughts on “Square Hole Cinch

  1. Hi there!

    Can I double check if this square hole cinch fits 2:1 ratio owires? (meaning two holes / or loops of wire per inch).
    Would appreciate an answer for this, as I am planning to get one but am concerned about the wires not being able to fit the holes!

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  3. I held out FOREVER because I don’t like round holes in double wire binding… just got the teal Cinch as my birthday and Christmas present and NOW you come out with the one I wanted!!!

    I did call the company about a week or two ago to ask if you would have an adapter that would allow us to cut the holes closer to the edge of the pages. I did come up with something that will work for me now but I STILL will buy the adapter if you come out with it. I also bind books I’ve taken apart, cookbooks and music books. That is why sometimes I NEED to bind closer to the edge, I don’t want to cut words off.

    Funny thing is, I’m already doing recipes similar to what you are doing with the kits. BUT, I’m making a little wood base and running a dowel through the top of the wire for my recipe cards to flip.

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