12 thoughts on “Inspiration Galore…………………

  1. Inspiration galore is the perfect title today 🙂
    LOVE all the new collections!!!
    TODAY Sheer Metallic has My Whole Heart!!!

  2. Can you come up with some items for childhood cancer? My daughter has gone through APML and I have been trying to put a scrapbook together to document her journey. But I have not been able to find anything to use that personalizes this, The color for childhood Leukemia is ORANGE. There are no orange ribbons, embellishments or paper that accentuate the children. Everything is pink for breast cancer. It would really be nice if there was something out there FOR THE KIDS (FTK). And also for those that attend or support THON. This is a major event that sponsors kids with cancer. I have asked several other companies and have not heard anything from them. I am hoping, as well other parents I’m sure, for some help in supporting the kids with cancer. My daughter was all excited about documenting her “adventure” with APML (she is in remission right now) until we went looking for items to use and couldn’t find any. Please let me know if you can help. Thanks. (dmyers614@comcast.net)

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