Using the Cinch for Memories

We had a big birthday in our house this December, the husband turned 30! We love to celebrate birthdays and we love to do them up big! So this year I started planning early. I sent out an email to friends and family asking them if they would send a fun note about a memory or good time had with my husband. He grew up in Alabama and many of his friends he hasn’t seen in many years. I reached out to high school soccer coaches, past church leaders, family from all over and very very old friends. I wanted 30 memories for his 30th birthday. I needed a cute way to present them to him but not “too” crafty. (Is there really such a thing?)

_MG_9872 copy

I decided The Cinch was the best option, I put all the memories in envelopes and wrote the names of the “submitter” on the outside. I covered the outside of my chipboard with Arc Crafts adhesive backed wood paper. It’s kind of my favorite things right now and you don’t get much more manly than wood paper.

_MG_9873 copy

I arranged them sporadically and even threw in a few random envelops, tabs, and little notes from me to spice things up a bit. People submitted letters, drawings, photos and even little mementos. The Cinch made it so easy to compile all of these memories into a simple book but I was able to sneak in a little of my craftiness without making it girly.

_MG_9875 copy

It was a success, the husband loved it and said it was truly the greatest gift he has ever received. I loved watching him turn through the pages and holler out names of people he hadn’t talked to in years. Total cost was around 19 dollars for the chipboard, envelopes and a few embellishments.

Now that I have seen how easy it is to compile a book in just a couple of hours I’m trying to think of my next project! What would you do?

Thanks for letting me pop in today!


Products used:

The Cinch

Designer Book Board 8×8 Chipboard

Binding wire

Arc Crafts adhesive backed wood paper

21 thoughts on “Using the Cinch for Memories

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  2. What a fantastic gift! I would never think of creating something like this. Perhaps I will keep it in mind for my partners next big one (just over 2 years away … can I remember for that long?!) I would be absolutely speechless if someone organised something like this for me. Well done.

  3. This is an amazing idea. I have been trying to figure out what to do for a specific project for my man and his grandpa…Thanks!

  4. I have been going back and forth if I should purchase a Cinch or not. Will I get my monies worth out of it, is it easy to use, how creative can I really get. Your post today has got me almost over that cliff to purchasing it!!! Such a huge impact gift for not a lot of time. Thanks so much!

  5. Such a great gift Ali! I’m sure your husband thinks it’s pretty amazing and special. I love the different layers and envelopes.

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