Scrapbooking with the Tab Punch

While the Tab Punch is super handy for keeping albums, files, and documents organized, it’s also great to use on scrapbook pages.  For this layout I had one favorite photo I wanted to include, and several supporting photos that I wanted on the page as well.  I didn’t want to create a 2 page spread, so I decided to create an interactive element on my page instead.

WRMK_tab punch layout1_aly dosdall

I created a photo flip book and used the Tab Punch to organize and give subtitles to my photos.  I simply printed my subtitles on coordinating textured cardstock from the Chalkboard collection, punched them out, and added them to my photos with the Tab Stickers. I love that the Tab Punches each have a viewer on the bottom so you can line up your paper just right and see where you’re punching.

WRMK_tab punch layout2_aly dosdall

I layered my photos, staggering them to allow room for the tabs, and then I attached them with Washi Tape at the top so I can flip through them.  Once I store this page in my album I can either pull it out to view the photo flip book, or I can cut a window the size of my flip book into my page protector with a craft knife to allow for easy access.

You can also use the Tab Punch to include dates or small bits of journaling, to create accents or embellishments, to add layers and clusters, or to create unique borders by lining tabs up side by side.  Get creative with your Tab Punch and share your ideas with us!



Tab Punch–Index
Tab Stickers–Index
Chalkboard Paper Pack
Chalkboard Journaling Cards

Washi Tape–Coral, Onyx

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