Framed Heart Specimen Art

I love all the specimen art I’ve seen floating around the internet. It’s such a cute and classy project, but so easy to make yourself. I made this framed heart specimen art for Valentine’s Day to add a little touch of Cupid to our home.

WRMK_heart specimen art board full

With the Lifestyle Crafts Punches Dies, specimen art can be as easy as two passes through the Evolution. I cut sixteen 1.5 inch hearts out of some Crazy For You patterned paper using the Heart Punches Die.

WRMK_heart specimen art board 1

Then I arranged the hearts in a grid on an 8×8 piece of white cardstock and placed it inside an 8×8 shadow box I picked up at my local craft store.

WRMK_heart specimen art board 2

I scored and folded some of the hearts to add some dimension and visual interest to the project.

WRMK_heart specimen art board close

With so many different punches dies you could create easy and classy specimen art for almost any season or theme in minutes.



Heart Punches Die
Crazy For You Paper Pack

2 thoughts on “Framed Heart Specimen Art

  1. This is very cute.. love the idea.. very simple yet fun.. (even sorta looks like a young crafter could do this on her very own, with out much help and would be an awesome outcome and spirit booster learning crafts!!!)

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