Elegant Letterpress Valentines

The Lifestyle Crafts Letterpress allows you to create beautiful professional quality projects. Take a look at these elegant valentines I created with the letterpress, some textured cardstock, and my 2 Edge Punches. I even created matching envelopes using my Envelope Punch Board and the new Envelope Wraps to make these valentines a bit more special.

We R_Elegant Letterpress Valentines_Aly Dosdall

We R_Elegant Letterpress Valentines Close_Aly Dosdall

For some tips and tricks on using the letterpress, watch the video tutorial below.  You can find more videos about the letterpress on our YouTube channel HERE.

Customize your letterpress projects with your very own text and design! If you’re planning a wedding, designing a business card, or would just like your projects to reflect a little more of your own personal style, these letterpress plates are the way to go. Learn more about creating custom letterpress plates HERE.



Letterpress Ink–Red, Black
Letterpress Paper–A2 Flat White, Square Flat White
Flourish Printing Plate
2 Edge Punch–Trellis, Raindrop
Envelope Wraps–Streamline
Envelope Punch Board

5 thoughts on “Elegant Letterpress Valentines

  1. I have the letter press platform and all the ink and some plates but I do not have the evolution can I use my big shot with the letterpress platform?

  2. Thank you for sharing the making of those cards with us. I am very impressed! This is the first time I have seen the letterpress at work. Would love to own one….. one of these days!

  3. I purchased the envelope punch board and have tried once to get the corrected measurement chart and have not received the corrected chart. Please Please send me the corrected measurement chart for the envelope punch board. You can e-mail to me and I will adhere to board or you can mail to Jo Wolfe PO Box 2223 Byron, GA 31008. Thank you so much.

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