Washi Tape Candles

I know I’ve said it before, but I just love washi tape!  It’s so versatile, easy to use, and looks so cool on projects.  I combined some Washi Tape with a few simple embellishments to create these unique candles.  They make great gifts or favors for a shower, luncheon, or tea party.

We R_washi candles 1_aly dosdall

The flexible nature of washi tape lends itself perfectly to round or curved projects–no worries about whether or not it will hold its shape!

We R_washi candles 2_aly dosdall

And We R washi tape comes is so many gorgeous colors and trendy geo patterns that you’re sure to find something that works with your project.  And, if you’re like me and have a fetish for washi tape, never fear…the Washi Dispenser with Stackable Post is here!


The washi dispenser with the new stackable post (now in stores) is the perfect way to store and organize all of your favorite rolls of washi tape.



Washi Tape–Butter, Avocado, Sea Foam
For The Record Embossed Stickers

8 thoughts on “Washi Tape Candles

  1. Hi! I’ve just been given your Stackable Washi Tape Dispenser. I love it but it’s only big enough for 1/3 of my tape collection! I’m going to buy another but I wondered whether it’s possible to stack 3 or more of the dispensers or if that would be too heavy? Should I stick to 2?

  2. These are super cute 🙂 But since the tape is directly on the candle, it would be best not to light the candle huh? hehe

  3. where did you get the tag that reads today is a gift? pls reply to my email if ok with you i really like this = makes a great favor for my upcoming housewarming party thanks for sharing and posting i love this

  4. Would love to have that washi tape holder and all that washi tape. I can hear my mother saying: “If wishes were horses we all would ride!”. So I will just drool over it instead! someday I will be able to afford it and all the tape.

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