New Star Ornament Die + Video

I’m sure most of you have seen the beautiful 3D paper star ornaments floating around many of the DIY blogs over the last year. Well, I’m excited to share with you that now you can create these beautiful ornaments quickly and easily using the new Star Ornament Template Die! Take a look at what you can create with this die:
We R Vellum Star Ornament by Aly Dosdall

Beautiful, huh? I chose to create my ornament with some papers from the Sheer Metallic Vellum Pad. I love the semi-sheer quality of these papers!

We R Vellum Star Ornament by Aly Dosdall close 1

The dimensions of the star when fully assembled are about 15 1/2 inches in diameter. The die itself is just under 6 inches square. There are small holes for hanging, and I also tied some glitter floss tassels at each point.

We R Vellum Star Ornament by Aly Dosdall close 2

Watch the video below to see how to cut and assemble this star ornament using the Star Ornament Template Die.



Star Ornament Template Die
Sheer Metallic Vellum Pad
Sew Easy Glitter Floss–Neutral

2 thoughts on “New Star Ornament Die + Video

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