Throwback Thursday

Welcome to another Throwback Thursday where I dig deep into my stash and combine some of my favorite older We R products with some newer ones to create fresh and fun projects.  I love using up my craft stash, and I enjoy the challenge of making older things look new.

We R Happy Card by Aly Dosdall

Today I found some crochet lace from a beautiful older collection called Anthologie. I decided to combine the lovely lace from that collection with the new Script Letterpress Plate set to create a fun and colorful card perfect for saying “hi” to a friend or neighbor.

We R Happy Card by Aly Dosdall_close

After letterpressing my sentiment onto the front of my card, I cut a 12 inch length of the salmon colored lace to create a flower accent. I ran a basting stitch by hand along the bottom edge of the lace and then pulled the lace down the thread, bunching it up as I pulled.

crochet lace flower

After adding the flower to my card I placed a yellow Enamel Dot in the center with some smaller accent ones as well, and then added some Avocado Washi Tape and Aqua Sew Easy Baker’s Twine to finish off the card.

Do you like to combine older and newer products? What are your favorite tips for refreshing older items in your stash?



Script Letterpress Printing Plates
Teal Green Ink
A2 Fold White Letterpress Paper
Anthologie Crochet Lace
Avocado Washi Tape
Aqua Sew Easy Baker’s Twine
Enamel Dots and Shapes–Warm

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