New Release: Tri-Fold Magnetic Board

@WeRMemoryKeepers Summer Showcase and New Release Schedule 2014


No craft room is complete without a self-healing magnetic mat, but we know that not everyone has a dedicated crafting space. To help out those who’s crafting tools must be stored on occasion, whether it’s to clear the dining room table or head off to a crop, we’ve created the Tri-Fold Magnetic Board (MSRP $32.49).

Tri-Fold Magnetic Mat


The 16×20 crafting mat folds up to a sleek 16×7 inch size that will fit in almost anywhere, including our handy 360 Crafter’s Bag. The mat comes with a handy 15 inch magnetic ruler to ensure a straight line every single time.

Look for this mat in a store near you this November – just in time for holiday crafting!

34 thoughts on “New Release: Tri-Fold Magnetic Board

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  2. Pasted from my FB post-Just zoomed to #1 on the must have list. My well loved old one is dire need of replacement-love the color and that it folds. WTG guys-and thank you. Forgot to mention-truly is my most used,,best purchase crafting tool ever.

  3. Amazing! We R Memory Keepers seem to anticipate our needs even before we need it! Look forward to your new products being revealed every time! Your Devoted Follower!

  4. I’m lucky enough to have a dedicated space. I can see where this will be good for when I go out to craft somewhere else. I can’t take a big board with me but I can fold this one up and tote it along. Great idea.

  5. Wow that is so cool. Now that my daughter and granddaughter moved back in I don’t have a room so it’s off to the dinning room i go so packing up is a must now

  6. I love how We R Memory Keepers tries to make SENSIBLE items for their customers. Something that fold for easy storage just makes sense! Add magnetic power & ruler and you have a winner on your hands! 🙂 Thanks for making great products!

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