Pinwheel Punch Board

@WeRMemoryKeepers Summer Showcase and New Release Schedule 2014

We’ve been teasing you with images of fun pinwheels for weeks and today we’re excited to announce the Pinweel Punch Board (MSRP $24.99).

@wermemorykeeper pinwheel punch board shipping to retailers in October 2014The Pinwheel Punch Board easily creates pinwheels from 3 to 12 inches, in one inch increments. The easy-to-use cutting guide ensures perfect pinwheels every single time! We’ve also developed attachments and paper straw handles (MSRP $4.99) to ensure that your pinwheel creations easily spin.

The Pinwheel Punch Board and accessories will begin shipping to retailers in October.

Interested in seeing exactly how this fun new product works? We thought you might be…

Pop over to our Facebook account @WeRMemoryKeepers for a fun giveaway celebrating the release of the Pinwheel Punch Board!

45 thoughts on “Pinwheel Punch Board

  1. Mine came with the blade housing, but no blade! – How can I get a replacement blade so I can begin using this? 🙂 I was wondering what was wrong, I thought I had the blade in the wrong position, lol. Nope! No blade in there. I bought this from in 2015 and just now opened it to make pinwheels for my Mom’s 80th birthday – waaaah.

  2. Are swivel blades sold seperately for the Pinwheel punchboard? Mine is not cutting as sharply as it should.

  3. Loved it, ordered from HSN. Now I can’t find anyplace that sells the straws and attachments. Several sites say they have the attachments, but once you get to checkout, they are out of stock. Guess others ordered all of the refills. But, I still plan to have fun with them, even if they won’t spin.

    Another great idea. Right now I have all of the punch boards, until you come out with another cute one.

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  5. I love this! Made pinwheels for 4th of July and wished I could have made them with more arms. I want one of these! If its as wonderful as the envelope punch board, it will be awesome!

  6. This tool would be so awesome to own and use!! Using this new board will be full of fun and so many options in creating endless pinwheels!!

  7. Great idea for party decorations. I must say the Envelope maker was the best ever tool you have made yet. I ended up buying two more to give as gifts to family . They love theirs just as much.
    Keep the great tools coming…….

  8. I can hardly wait to add this to my WRMK Punch Board Collection. How fun! Love how innovative and high quality every single item I purchase from WRMK is.

  9. Oh this would be so fun to make pinwheels to play with.
    I have fond memories of pinwheels as a child.
    Thanks for sharing.
    Crafty hugs,
    {sadly I do not do Facebook so I can’t enter}

  10. I love your current punch boards – especially the envelope one! This is fantastic! I can see me using this one a lot! My kids really love pinwheels and I’m a teacher so my students would love to make them too!

  11. OMG…how much fun is that, I sure could have used that 3 years ago when I made decorations for my son’s wedding!

  12. I live in Adelaide Australia .. Here in Adelaide we seem to to lose shops quite regularly. Not many places to do classes close by or that I can afford, so I have taken to face book and the dicoveries reslly have my creative juices flowing I really loving your company at the moment I do have you score board didn’t know about the punch boards and they really do intrigue me I need to know more please …..

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