Washi Tape Feathers

Washi tape is definitely one of my go-to craft supplies. It’s super versatile, colorful, cute, and easy to use. In honor of this fabulous craft supply I’m dedicating a week’s worth of blog posts full of clever ideas and inspiration for how to use washi tape.

Washi Tape Feathers by Aly Dosdall

I’ll kick things off this week with a tutorial for creating washi tape feathers that you can add to any craft project, be it scrapbook layouts, cards, albums made easy pages, or other paper crafts. These little guys are easy to make and only require a few household supplies.

Start with a twist tie or small strand of craft wire. Add a piece of washi tape to the back, sticky side up. Add another piece directly on top of the first one.

feather step outs

Continue to add more washi tape pieces on each side of the first set until it’s wide enough to cut out and form and a feather shape with fringe.  Use the end of the twist tie to attach it to your craft projects.

Washi Tape Feathers by Aly Dosdall_close

I added my feathers to a gift bag I made with the Gift Bag Punch Board from the Farmers Market Paper Pack. I love how the beautiful colors of the tape blend together, and the patterns are fabulous!

Now it’s your turn to pull out your washi tape and get busy. You can try this project, or you can try something entirely different, but just have fun!



Washi tape–Sea Foam, Butter, Pomegranate
Farmer’s Market Paper Pack
Gift Bag Punch Board
Sew Easy Baker’s Twine

7 thoughts on “Washi Tape Feathers

  1. Wow I love this idea no bells and whistles just washi tape and wire brilliant I will be giving this a go thanks I look forward to tomorrow !

  2. LOVE these feathers and will definitely be making loads of them!!
    I have 4 of your Washi Tape dispensers and STILL need 3 more to wrangle most of my Washi Tapes. I am not putting the ones that I have duplicates of in the dispenser otherwise I would need at least 10 more of them! LOL I love using Washi Tape and have found that yours is one of the best ones out there!!! Would love to have a contest where you give away a Washi Tape Dispenser (maybe even full of tapes) and I win! LOL

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