Washi Tape Storage

One dilemma that plagues many crafters and scrapbookers is how to store their favorite supplies. Washi tape storage is a particularly common issue that I’ve heard a lot of crafters discuss online and in person. To help solve this dilemma I’ve got a fun storage idea that also doubles as a fun piece of decor for your craft room or office–washi tape shutter storage!

Washi Tape Storage by Aly Dosdall

I used my pretty We R Shutter Memo Holder to double as my washi tape storage. You can also find old shutters at yard sales, consignment stores, or antique stores and give them a fresh coat of paint. Then I grabbed some paper clips from my home office, bent the into an “S” hook shape, and hung them on the rungs of the shutter.

Washi Tape Storage by Aly Dosdall_close 2

I skipped every other rung to allow enough room for the washi tape to hang. Then I placed a strip of each roll of tape on a scrap piece of white cardstock and punch it out with my Index Tab Punch. I adhered each tab to the rung just above each roll of tape so I know what each roll of tape looks like and where to put it back when I’m done using it.

Washi Tape Storage by Aly Dosdall_close 1

I love having my washi tape out of display and being able to see each roll of tape clearly. And I love the adorable shutter and the fun feel that it adds to my craft room.

Come back tomorrow for an awesome idea for summer home decor using washi tape!



Washi Tape
Shutter Memo Holder
Index Tab Punch


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