Washi Tape School Supplies

Happy Monday We R fans, and welcome to Back To School Week here on the blog. This week I’ll be sharing some fun ways to use your craft supplies to prepare for the new school year, so be sure to check back each day this week for more inspiration.

Let’s kick things off today with some Washi Tape School Supplies. My kids always like their school supplies to be unique and reflect their personalities. Washi tape is a quick, easy, and cute way to customize your kids/grandkids school gear. Simply grab some pencils, erasers, paper clips, notebooks or whatever else you’d like to dress up and start sticking your favorite washi tape on!

washi school supplies by aly dosdall 1

I added several strips of wash tape to some plain old #2 pencils. My washi tape is placed horizontally on the pencils, but you can also add your tape vertically to cover the whole thing.

washi school supplies by aly dosdall 3

These hi-polymer erasers are my favorite kind, so I bought a bunch of them for my kids and wrapped a few strips of washi tape around the center. That way they can use either end of the eraser and have a comfortable place to hold it.

washi school supplies by aly dosdall 4

Finally, I grabbed some jumbo paper clips and folded a strip of washi tape over one end to create bookmarks for my kids to use in their class agendas so they can keep track of the page they’re on. I trimmed the ends into various flag shapes.

washi school supplies by aly dosdall 5

The possibilities are endless when you combine Washi Tape with school supplies. What school supplies would you decorate with washi tape? Be sure to share a link to your finished projects!

washi school supplies by aly dosdall 2



Washi Tape: Pomegranate, Coral, Pumpkin, Butter, Avocado, Sea Foam, Navy, Multi Color Pack

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