Scrapbooking School Papers

As I mentioned yesterday in my post about our school work display wall, after leaving the kids’ school papers and artwork on display for a time we swap them out for new ones and then I photograph the old ones before tossing them. I always keep a sample of my kids’ work from each school year that I store and organize separately, but most of them end up preserved in a photo on a scrapbook page that I make for each child each school year.

preschool projects by aly dosdall

I printed the photos of my daughter’s school papers about 2″ x 2″ so that I could fit several on a page. Then I cut out the centers of some polaroid frames from the Notable patterned paper and backed the frames with photos of my daughter’s school papers.

preschool projects by aly dosdall_close 2

Grid-style designs are perfect for groups of similar photos like school papers, so I created a grid design in the upper 2/3 of my page and then added patterned paper borders on the top and bottom to anchor the page.

preschool projects by aly dosdall_close 1

I added a title cluster and embellished some of the photo frames with patterned paper, washi tape, die cuts, and enamel shapes.

This is a great solution for all of the papers that my kids bring home. We still have them preserved on a scrapbook page, but as small photos instead of large bulky school papers.


Notable Paper Pack
Washi Tape–Butter
Albums Made Easy Dies–Arrows, Icons
Pocket Scrap Dies–Life
Enamel Shapes–Neutral, Cool, Warm

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