DIY Halloween Brag Book

If you’re anything like me you’ve got tons of Halloween photos sitting on your memory card, hard drive, phone, or desk. It’s a fun time to take photos, and it’s great to get those photos into your scrapbook album. But wouldn’t it be even better to share some of those photos with your loved ones? Here’s your Halloween scrapbooking tip #4: make a Halloween brag book to share with a loved one. I printed some 4×6 photos of my kids in their Halloween costumes from last year and made this easy Halloween brag book using my Envelope Punch Board and Envelope Notcher for grandma. She’ll love it.

DIY Halloween Brag Book by Aly Dosdall

DIY Halloween Brag Book by Aly Dosdall 1

DIY Halloween Brag Book by Aly Dosdall 2

DIY Halloween Brag Book by Aly Dosdall 4

Here’s how you can make one of these using the Envelope Punch Board and the new Envelope Notcher:

1) Start with two 12×12 inch sheets of double sided patterned paper. Trim one of them to 8 1/4 x 8 1/4 inches and make a 4×6 envelope with the punch board following the guide on the board. Use the Envelope Notcher to notch the top and bottom flaps. This will be the cover of your brag book.

envelope album cover

2) Now trim the other 12×12 paper into two 12×6 inch blocks. Using the Trim and Score Board, score both of them at 4 inches and 8 inches.

score inside pages

3) Accordion fold both scored pieces of paper and adhere the two end panels together, overlapping them, to create an accordion folded piece of paper that is 20×6 inches long as seen below. These will be the inside pages of your brag book.

accordion fold inside pages

4) Adhere the far right panel to the inside of the envelope to attach the inside pages to the cover. To close the album, fold the pages and side flaps inside the envelope and interlock the notches on the top and bottom flaps. To open and view the album, gently pull apart the interlocking notches and unfold the inside pages.

add photos to inside pages

5) Embellish the inside and outside of your album as desired. I recommend not adding too much bulk to the inside or the envelope won’t close well and may tear.

DIY Halloween Brag Book by Aly Dosdall 3

6) Share the album with grandma, auntie, or whoever else you think may want to brag about your kids to their friends!

I hope you have a fun and safe Halloween this evening. Creative cheers!



Shine 12×12 Paper Pad
Bewitched Chipboard Alpha Stickers
Envelope Punch Board
Envelope Notcher
Trim and Score Board
Bat and Moon Punch Dies
Star Punch Dies
Spider Shape Die
Evolution Advanced
Washi Tape–Onyx, Metallic Silver, Multi Color Pack

Scrapbook Halloween Traditions

Holiday traditions are part of what makes the holidays so fun for me. I love some of the traditions we’ve adopted as a family over the years, and those family traditions are a great thing to document on a scrapbook page. Here’s your Halloween scrapbooking tip #3: record your family Halloween traditions. Take a look at this layout I created below about one of our oldest and most favorite spooky family traditions.

Tissue Ghosts by Aly Dosdall

Making tissue ghosts is something we’ve done as a family since my 17 year old twins were toddlers. And they still ask if we’re going to make them! It’s a bit silly, but something we totally love to do as a family–probably more for the sentimental value than anything.

Tissue Ghosts by Aly Dosdall_close 1

There are a few ways I was able to save time on this page. First, I used several 3×4 journaling cards from the Shine collection. Journaling cards are not only great for pocket pages, but they’re an awesome time savor for traditional pages as well. They’ve already got great patterns, journaling, titles, and more, so all you need to do is layer them on your page!

Tissue Ghosts by Aly Dosdall_close 2

I also saved time by adding a page title to my photo before printing it. You can do this in your favorite photo editing software, or by using an app on your phone. I used my favorite photo editing app to add a frame and page title, and then printed my photo. To embellish my page I used some stars cut out from Shine 6×6 papers, some die cut shapes, and gold sequins. I also added a bit of messy machine stitching for some additional texture on the page.

Well, are you ready to get spooky tomorrow? I know my kids are super excited. Me and my hubby are a bit too since we usually inherit the candy the kids don’t like. =) Be sure to pop in tomorrow when I’ll be sharing one final idea for Halloween scrapbooking. See you then!



Shine Journaling Cards
Shine 6×6 Paper Pad
Shine Acrylic Stickers
Bat and Moon Punch Dies
Evolution Advanced

Halloween Costumes Mini Album

I love to look back at photos from over the years and see how much my kids have grown, as well as which things have stayed the same. So, I thought to myself, Why not do the same thing with Halloween photos of the kids over the years? And here is your Halloween scrapbooking tip #2: scrapbook a child’s Halloween costumes over the years. I decided to start with my five year old daughter, find all the Halloween costume photos I’d taken since she was a wee baby, and then I made this fun little mini book comparing all those years of her costumes.

Halloween Costume Mini Album by Aly Dosdall


My album covers are 6×6 pieces of chipboard, and I decided to use the Bewitched collection from last year since the collection has a more youthful feel and colors that coordinate better with my daughter’s costumes (read pastels).

Halloween Costume Mini Album by Aly Dosdall_page 1

Halloween Costume Mini Album by Aly Dosdall_page 2

The pages inside the album consist of some 4×6 Bewitched Journaling Cards, a 4×6 envelope I made with my Envelope Punch Board, and a 5×7 mini file folder that I also made with my Envelope Punch Board. You can find instructions for making mini file folders with your Envelope Punch Board on THIS BLOG POST. There is additional journaling on a card inside the envelope, and I tuck the envelope flap behind the card on the outside to secure it.

Halloween Costume Mini Album by Aly Dosdall_page 2a

To embellish my album I die cut several Halloween shapes–spiders, bats, moons, and stars. Using some Punches Dies and my Evolution Advanced helped save me some time with that.

Halloween Costume Mini Album by Aly Dosdall_page 3

Halloween Costume Mini Album by Aly Dosdall_page 4

Halloween Costume Mini Album by Aly Dosdall_page 5

The mini file folder is a fun element that, along with the envelope, adds an eclectic feel with different size pages and additional layering. I used the inside and the outside of the folder for my pages.

Halloween Costume Mini Album by Aly Dosdall_page 5a

Halloween Costume Mini Album by Aly Dosdall_page 6

I added some Enamel Shapes, Washi Tape, and Baker’s Twine as finishing touches to my album. The die cut journaling cards add a fun occasional peek-a-boo element.  My whole family has really enjoyed looking at my daughter’s cute costumes over the years and seeing how much she’s changed and grown.



Bewitched Paper Pack
Bewitched Journaling Cards
Bewitched Embossed Framed Tags
Washi Tape–Onyx, Pumpkin, Avocado, Plum, Raven Chevron
Enamel Shapes–Neutral
Sew Easy Baker’s Twine–Black, Green
Bat and Moon Punch Dies
Star Punch Dies
Spider Shape Die
Evolution Advanced
Envelope Punch Board
The Cinch
6×6 Chipboard
Binding Wire–Black 1″

Scrapbook Halloween Transformations

It’s countdown time! Only five more days until Halloween, so this week we’re sharing some unique ideas for scrapbooking your spooky celebrations and traditions. First off is a fun layout about one of our family’s favorite traditions–pumpkins. And here is your Halloween scrapbooking tip #1: document the Halloween transformations you see around you. I’m a sucker for transformation pages. I love to see the “before” and “after”–very cool! So on this page I decided to place a photo of the pumpkins my daughters chose at the pumpkin patch while still on the vine next to a photo of their fully carved and lit jack-o-lanterns sitting out on our front porch.

From This to This by Aly Dosdall

Scrapbooking two horizontal 4×6 photos can be a challenge, so I went with a simple design placing my photos at opposite corners of my page. I placed the first of my two transformation photos at the top left of my page because that’s where the eye naturally goes first when it starts reading. Then the eye naturally moves down right as it goes to my title and the second photo. I placed my title across the middle of my page to separate the two photos and to act as the “point of transformation” between them.

From This to This by Aly Dosdall_title

I created my hand stitched title by first writing it in pencil lightly on the paper. Then I took my Sew Easy Needle and poked stitching holes following my writing with my Sew Easy Mat underneath the paper. Then I back-stitched the title with my needle and black Sew Easy Floss, adding some Enamel Shapes and sequins to dress up the title a bit.

From This to This by Aly Dosdall_embellishments

There are papers on this page from two different collections, and an embellishment from a third. Don’t be afraid to mix and match different collections as long as the colors coordinate well and they share similar styles (ie both of these paper collections have similar distressing and geometric patterns). I finished off my page by adding some additional layers, texture and depth with machine stitching, washi tape, die cut stars, and sequins.

There are many more Halloween transformations you could document–your home before and after decorating it, making a costume, doing Halloween makeup, making Halloween goodies or party favors, your child/grandchild filling his bucket with trick-or-treat candy, etc. Which transformation could you scrapbook this week?



Notable Paper Pack
Farmers Market Paper Pack
Shine Cork Stickers
Washi Tape–Onyx
Enamel Shapes–Neutral
Sew Easy Needle
Sew Easy Mat
Sew Easy Floss–Neutral
Star Punch Dies
AME Dies–Icons
Evolution Advanced

DIY Halloween Memory Game

If you need ideas for a fun children’s Halloween party game, look no further than your favorite We R Memory Keepers tools and dies. You can create your own Halloween Memory Game using some spooky dies, your Evolution, and the 3×4 Card Punch. Take a peek at the set of cards I made for my daughter.

DIY Halloween Memory Game by Aly Dosdall 2

First I punched several pairs of 3×4 cards from two sheets of patterned paper with a neutral background. I used the same paper to make sure that the backs of the cards look the same. I also made sure to use the same blocks of paper for matching pairs of cards.

punch cards

Then I die cut several Halloween shapes–spiders, stars, bats and moons, and spooky edges. I adhered them to the cards with double sided tape, creating matching pairs. Then I laminated them so they’ll last a bit longer being handled so frequently.

DIY Halloween Memory Game by Aly Dosdall 1

My daughter loves playing with them and she can’t wait to share them with her friends.

DIY Halloween Memory Game by Aly Dosdall 3

I hope you were inspired by the Halloween party projects this week. Next week I’ll be sharing tons of Halloween layout inspiration, so be sure to check back so you’re ready to scrapbook all those photos you’ll take on the 31st!



Shine 12×12 Paper Pad
Indian Summer 6×6 Paper Pad
3×4 Card Punch–Square
Bat and Moon Punch Die
Spider Shape Die
Star Punch Dies
Frightful Edges Dies

Bat Favor Boxes

The Gift Box Punch Board makes DIY favors so much easier. I love using my punch boards for any occasion that requires a little goody. I also love to use my Lifestyle Crafts Dies to customize my goody boxes. Check out how I used the Bats Shape Dies to add a little extra something to my Halloween favor boxes.

Bat Favor Boxes by Aly Dosdall

After making my medium size boxes, I used some Hazelnut Washi Tape to “tie” them instead of ribbon or twine. Then I die cut some small bat shapes using the Bats Shape Dies, and accordion folded them as shown.

Bat Favor Boxes by Aly Dosdall_close 2

I adhered them to the boxes with foam squares to give them a bit more depth. These were super easy to make and would be perfect to make in bulk for a class party or for your child’s Halloween party.

Bat Favor Boxes by Aly Dosdall_close 1You can use different themed dies to top gift boxes for different occasions–pinwheel, flower, snowflake, rosette, butterfly, bow tie, heart, antlers, star, turkey, pumpkin, etc. What shape would you add to the top of your gift boxes?



Gift Box Punch Board
Indian Summer Paper Pack
Shine 12×12 Paper Pad
Bats Shape Dies
Washi Tape–Hazelnut

Halloween Party Garland

Looking for an inexpensive, simple, and very cool idea for Halloween party decor? Something you can make with your paper stash maybe? Try making this Halloween Party Garland using your favorite Halloween papers, your Evolution, and some handy Lifestyle Crafts Dies.

Halloween Party Garland by Aly Dosdall

I started by selecting some patterned papers from the Shine and Indian Summer collections in my current favorite Halloween color scheme–black, grey, yellow, and white.  While using Halloween themed papers for Halloween crafting is fun, you can also save yourself some time and money by shopping your stash of generic patterned paper within the Halloween color scheme you’ve selected.

die cut garland shapes

Then I used the Star Punch Die, the Circle Punch Die, and the Spider Shape Die to cut several pieces for my garland. Standard shapes such as circles and stars are a great foundation for crafts of any theme. By simply using papers with a Halloween color scheme and adding one Halloween-themed shape (the spider die), I was able to create a Halloween feel to the project.

Halloween Party Garland by Aly Dosdall_close

To assemble my garland I machine stitched the die cut shapes together with white thread by feeding them one after the other into my sewing machine. Designer tip: when machine sewing be sure to use a separate needle for fabric and paper projects as paper dulls your needle.



Shine 12×12 Paper Pad
Indian Summer Paper Pack
Spider Shape Die
Circle Punch Dies
Star Punch Dies

Halloween Party Week!

As Halloween approaches we thought it would be fun to spend a week focused on Halloween party inspiration. Whether it’s a neighborhood get-together, a classroom party at school, or just you and your friends dressing up we’ve got you covered! Let’s kick Halloween Party Week off with a little treat–as opposed to a trick, right? Check out the Halloween Cupcake Liners and vintage-inspired Halloween Cupcake Toppers I created.

Halloween Cupcake Wrappers and Toppers by Aly Dosdall

I used the Ring Cupcake Liner, my Evolution, and some Shine patterned paper to die cut a liner for my black chocolate cupcakes. I love the yellow and black combination for Halloween!

Halloween Cupcake Wrappers by Aly Dosdall

Then I made some vintage-inspired cupcake toppers using some more Shine papers, my Evolution, and the Banner It Kit. To embellish my toppers I stamped an owl image from the Black Widow If You Dare Clear Stamp Set with pumpkin orange die ink. Then I fussy-cut the owl images and added them to my toppers.

Halloween Cupcake Toppers by Aly Dosdall

I used plenty of foam squares for dimension–I love that the banner die comes with a shadow layer that you can place beneath the banner shape. The toppers are attached to some small lollipop sticks that I stuck into the cupcake centers. These toppers would work great for older party guests–I love that vintage owl image and the simple, understated, yet spooky feel!

Be sure to check back tomorrow to see what else we have in store for Halloween Party Week!



Ring Cupcake Liner
Banner It Kit
Shine 12×12 Paper Pack
Black Widow If You Dare Clear Stamp Set

Throwback Thursday: Halloween Door Hanger

For today’s Throwback Thursday we are going way back to fall of 2012 when we released the spooky Black Widow collection. I love the sophisticated macabre feel to this collection, and the combination of the traditional orange, white, and black with the unexpected brown is just super cool. Since it makes me giddy to use up my stash I decided to use scraps from this collection to create a Halloween Door Hanger to put on our front porch Halloween night so that trick-or-treaters know we’re home and ready for them.

Halloween Door Hanger by Aly Dosdall

I started by creating the door hanger base from a 12 x 12 inch piece of chipboard. I trimmed it to 4 x 10 inches and then cut a piece of black spider web patterned paper the same size. I used the Magnetic Circle Cutter to cut a 2 1/2″ hole in the top center of the chipboard and paper, and then I adhered them together.  I added a piece of Gold Metallic Washi Tape to the top and then rounded the corners with my 1/2″ & 1/4″ Corner Chomper.

Halloween Door Hanger by Aly Dosdall_close 1

Next I created my sentiment. I used my electronic die cutting machine to cut most of the words from orange patterned paper, but to mix things up a bit and to create a bit more interest in the sentiment, I die cut the word “DARE” from Sheer Metallic Gold Cardstock using the High Rise Alphabet Die and then added a Black Widow layered chipboard sticker that says, “BEWARE”.

Halloween Door Hanger by Aly Dosdall_close 2

I added an embossed chandelier sticker and a few gold sequins as accents to complement the gold washi tape. I love the gold trend for fall projects this year, and it refreshes the Black Widow collection perfectly. Mixing old and new is a great way to go!



Black Widow Paper Pack
Black Widow Layered Chipboard Titles
Black Widow Embossed Stickers
Sheer Metallic Paper Pad
Metallic Washi Tape–Gold
High Rise Alphabet Die
Magnetic Circle Cutter
Corner Chomper–1/2″ & 1/4″
12×12 Chipboard

Spider Specimen Art

One of my favorite genres of Halloween DIY decor is the specimen art. Maybe it’s the creepy factor, or just the perfectly lined up rows and columns, but I just love a good piece of specimen art! Here’s a piece I made for Halloween using the Spider Shape Die and some papers from the Shine and Indian Summer collections. Spider Specimen Art by Aly Dosdall I bought a 12 x 12 frame at my local craft store (using some coupons of course), and placed a piece of 12 x 12 cork board in it. Then I layered a piece of 12 x 12 chevron patterned paper from the Indian Summer collection over the cork board. Spider Specimen Art by Aly Dosdall_close 1 I die cut 36 spiders from several black and brown 6×6 papers from the Shine and Indian Summer collections using the Spider Shape Die and my Evolution. I selected eight different papers–half semi-solids and half with patterns to create a nice contrast and just enough visual interest. I arranged them in rows and columns of six, layering three small black foam squares beneath each one for plenty of dimension. Spider Specimen Art by Aly Dosdall_close 2 To increase the creepy factor, and to add another element of visual interest, I stuck a dressmakers pin into each spider and through the cork board background. I love the subtle but spooky look they create! This was a fun and easy project, and I can’t wait to get this on my living room shelf. Are you a specimen art fan?



Spider Shape Die
Indian Summer Paper Pack
Indian Summer 6×6 Paper Pad
Shine 6×6 Paper Pad