Shutter Family Photo Display

As a scrapbooker I take lots of photos. I truly believe it’s important to capture and record memories. Many of those photos end up in my scrapbook albums, but I also love to put some of those photos on display where we can look at them during the day. Creative ways to display those photos really get me excited, so imagine my delight when I received this gorgeous burgundy slightly distressed Shutter Memo Holder in the mail!

Shutter Family Photo Display by Aly Dosdall

While these shutters can be used to store and organize papers, notes, and mail, I thought it would make the perfect photo display for my family room. The rich color fits perfectly with the color scheme and decor in our home, so I wanted to hang it somewhere visible.

Shutter Family Photo Display by Aly Dosdall1

I printed several recent family photos in black and white at 4×6 size with a white border around each one to unify them. I decided I also wanted to add some visual interest to the display so I included some Shine journaling cards. The colors of the Shine collection go perfectly with the shutter and my family room. Yay!

Shutter Family Photo Display by Aly Dosdall2

To create additional visual interest I tilted some of the photos and placed them in random order in the shutter slats rather than in a grid pattern. I’ve also got some vertically oriented photos and some horizontally oriented photos–same with the journaling cards.

Shutter Family Photo Display by Aly Dosdall3

What I love about this shutter display is that I can easily swap out photos since they’re not adhered to the shutter in any way–they simply sit in the slat pockets. Designer tip: when printing and sizing photos to display on the Shutter Memo Holder be sure to consider that the bottom part of the photo or journaling card will be covered behind the slats.

These shutters have multiple uses. To read about how I used another shutter for washi tape storage, CLICK HERE.

Washi Tape Storage by Aly Dosdall_close 2



Shutter Memo Holder
Shine Journaling Cards

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