Winter Preview Series

Happy New Year We R fans! We’re excited to be back after the holidays. Even better? We’re kicking off 2015 with a series of posts showcasing the new product we’re releasing this winter!

Would you love a little preview of things to come?



Today we’re giving you a little sneak peek at the two new paper lines we will be releasing, along with a storage device and a new tool. We think they’re going to knock your socks off!

Let’s kick this little peek up a notch. Can you identify the purpose of the tool we’re introducing in image the third image? Guess right and you could receive the tool as a gift! To participate, simply leave us a comment below with your guess!

Join us for the remainder of the week for fun updates and more information on our new winter releases!

130 thoughts on “Winter Preview Series

  1. Consensus seems to be pocket fused which is probably correct but how about creating Jean Be idea for the rolling scorer? There already is a rolling knife (an Olga or a
    Fiskars cutter used for cutting fabric but also great for paper (Anita christens on)

  2. Very excited to see the new goodies from WRMK! The colors on the new paper is bright & cheerful, and I am greatly intrigued by what the item is in first photo! Also, I know there is a fuse tool & I can’t wait to see how that works! 🙂 Thanks for the sneak peek, WRMK! Now for the unveiling! 🙂

  3. Oh I know! It is a tool to cut and seal your Album insert sheets! And I can’t wait to get that baby in my hands! This is a major PL Game Changer! The minute I heard about it I was like oh my goodness this is going to be the first thing I please tell us who you ship it to first so I can order it the minute it hits the store! :o)

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