New Release: Photo Sleeve Fuse and Waterfall Pockets

Oh friends. We are so very excited about today’s release. New for winter 2015…


We R Memory Keepers Photo Sleeve Fuse @wermemorykeeper

The new Photo Sleeve Fuse is all that and a bag of chips. You can use this tool to cut and seal intricate photo pockets, add flips and flaps and fuse pockets closed to make sure all of your sentimental keepsakes are tucked inside safely!

Imagine the things you can create with a single photo pocket page. Sigh…

We R Memory Keepers Photo Sleeve Fuse and Waterfall PocketsFuse fun waterfall style pockets into your existing pages with these easy-to-use sleeves.

The fuse will ship to retailers beginning in February and will retail for $29.99.

Excited much? Well, get ready for more fun…We’re giving away one Fuse and a set of Waterfall Sleeves. To enter, leave us a comment telling us what you’d love to create with the Fuse.

**This giveaway is currently open to residents of Canada and the U.S. as giveaway product is not compatible with all international electrical currents.

1,231 thoughts on “New Release: Photo Sleeve Fuse and Waterfall Pockets

  1. inwould just love to make sleeves for 6X12 layouts out of a 12X12 page protector! I love the 6X12 format, but don’t have a way to keep them in albums yet. Excited to make my own and use it for other layout sizes as well!!!

  2. this is SO cool! i am excited to make custom pockets for all of the life “stuff” that i add into our albums, and keeping it from falling out too!

  3. OOOOO…..awesome tool! I would seal my pockets to hold the large heavy paper-pieced elements in, create shaker pockets, create sealed glitter glue swirl designs right on a page using a pocket as a page accent…!

  4. I would use it to make the scrapbooks of my kids’ school years. I have this on my agenda for this year. I have been planning on incorporating pocket pages and I love flip pages so this will be just perfect for me and make my crafting time more creative!

  5. LOVE! I would this to seal up my pockets on pocket pages. I incorporate tons to flip books and pockets into my scrapbook pages. This will be awesome to have. Thanks for the new tool!

  6. I plan to use it for my hybrid scrapbooking AND to make storage for my cling stamps! I was going to use the sewing machine and x-acto knife method, but you guys just came up with a GAME CHANGER! So pumped!!!

  7. Would love to be able to seal up my pockets to keep cards from sliding out. This is best invention I have seen since I started pocket scrapbooking!! Thank you!

  8. I can’t wait for this to come out. I don’t know how many times I’ve had to redo a page because the sleeve came open or items fell out. I see a lot of fusing in my future! I like the flaps too – this would be great for my recipes – they won’t be full of flour and other ingredients. Can’t wait!

  9. I Love this idea. It would help me so much as lots of my pics tent to fall out and there are lots of times I can’t find the right sized pocket pages for my layouts

  10. This would be great for all the small souvenir stuff we collect at Disney….like squished pennies. Thanks for the opportunity to win.

  11. I am a passionate card maker…and already have a head full of ideas as to how I will use this fantastic new tool when I create cards!….can’t wit to get this! ( or maybe WIN one!)

  12. Having thought about this I will say you need to add more templates for the tool. We want to make 6×12 half circles, and other shapes like waves. This is something I’ve wanted a LONG TIME. That half circle page shape will enable us to put basketballs, and other round shapes into it with a 1/2 circle on the left and a 1/2 circle on the right. Then we can put it in the middle of a two page layouts with photos behind it!!!!! Also a template that allows the tool to give less pressure on the plastic would allow the tool to make “fold” lines in the plastic and then we can fold up sleeves. (or make a tool with two temperature settings). So full of ideas…

  13. This would be great for creating confetti pockets for my layouts! What a wonderful tool! Thanks so much for thinking it up and for the chance to win one! Definitely on my wishlist!!!

  14. I am sooo glad this turned out to be a fuse tool – it’s what I guessed it would be! I’ve been struggling with layouts for a trip to Paris, with some very large photos as well as very small ones, and many mementos that need to be fit in – this will be so helpful!

  15. I love this because it is so much easier than sewing my pocket pages! Hate having to drag out the sewing machine! Great for shaker pockets and I can’t wait to put some sand and small shells on my Cape Cod pages and fuse it up! LOVE IT! Thank you!!

  16. this would be an amazing tool to have with my kids scrapbooks. I always need room for just one more picture and could now add the waterfall sleeves. Amazing.

  17. I would LOVE this! I love to make pockets for my journaling, ticket stubs, bottle caps, all sorts of things and this would be so great!

  18. OMG, love, love, love this. I would use this in my son’s wedding album. It would be awesome to have all those ‘family’ shots together by family unit instead of spread over several pages. I was going to start the album this month but may have to wait until this hits stores in February…unless I win one 😉

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