Say Hello to Aimee Maddern!

Give a warm welcome to 2015 design team member, Aimee Maddern! You’ll love Aimee’s simple yet whimsical style, as well as her awesome photography skills. We asked Aimee to share a little bit about herself, her favorite We R tool and paper collection, and a fun tip. Enjoy!

Aimee Maddern





I’m Aimee a past owner of a scrapbook boutique who has a passion for paper & has way too much of it! I have always been a crafter. I’m a so Cal native who loves the sun, lattes, shopping, my boyfriend and 2 dogs. I work from home, which allows me to travel with my parents and their racecar. And while doing all of the above I end up collecting bits & pieces along the way.

Favorite tool: My absolute favorite We R tool is My Evolution {die cutting and letterpress are my passion}

q&a 6

q&a 1

q&a  2

Favorite Paper Line: Do I really have to pick just 1 Favorite Paper Line?
It’s a toss up between Love Notes {I’m really into black and white right now} and
It Factor {those Pineapples!}

Tip: When it comes to journaling I am not very good at it. Sometimes when I scrap a photo, I want to tell the story that goes with the moment the photo was taken. Sometimes I want to tell a story about how the photo makes me feel now, in the present moment. There are all different ways to share your photo’s story and it doesn’t have to be with journaling. I have also noticed lately I haven’t been using titles on my layouts. One of the ways I tell “my stories” is with product. There are so many embellishments, papers and stamps that can help you tell your story!


-You can stamp the date on your layout
-Use Pocket Page Cards as your title
-Add memorabilia to your layout
-Use stickers and other embellishments that go with “your photo’s story”

Thanks for sharing a bit about you with us Aimee! We can’t wait to see your future projects here on the blog. To keep up with Aimee’s crafty adventures, visit her blog Aimee’s Armoire.

8 thoughts on “Say Hello to Aimee Maddern!

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  2. Hi Aimee, I don’t know if you remember me, I’m Natalie’s mother. Sheri Ramos was Nats GS troop leader. How nice to come across your blog. I used to buy from your store in Tujunga. Where are you living now? I’m in Lancaster. Does this site teach scrap booking? I need to gather my photos together and organize them. Nat does an amazing job of it. She might enjoy your blog. Hope all is well. Give your mom my regards.

  3. Your work is amazing! You always put so much thought into every piece. You are so creative, I can’t wait to see your future projects! Congrats!

  4. They say pictures tell a thousand words- but yours tell entire stories- very beautiful and creative use of multi-media to express a feeling. Very excited for you! Congrats!

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