Storage and Organizational Tips with Aly

Hi We R fans! It’s Aly again today. I recently did a major craft room clean out and made some changes to my space. If you’d like to read all about it you can find my four-part Craft Room Clean Out series on my blog HERE. After years of doing these “clean outs” on a regular basis I’ve discovered a few storage and organizational tips that have helped save me time so that I can find what I’m looking for in my craft room and enjoy more time actually crafting (isn’t that what we all want??). I’ve also come up with some fun ways to store and display my favorite goodies, so today I’m sharing some of my favorite tips and tricks with you. Let’s start with some time savers first, and then I’ll share some creative stuff.

In my post on Tuesday I mentioned that I like to keep my go-to tools close to my workspace so they’re at my fingertips. Here’s the tool caddy I keep on my work surface with all the adhesives and tools that I use most commonly so I can grab them easily. I go through this and swap out items as my crafting habits change so that I’ve only got what I really need in here.


Not only do I keep my most used tools handy, but I also have another caddy where I keep my current favorite embellishments so I can grab this and keep it near me while I’m creating. I also swap items in this caddy as my go-to embellishment choices change.


Another time saving tip is to store your supplies according to your creative process. When you create, if you gather items by color then store them that way. If you prefer to create using kits or collections, then store your items by manufacturer and collection or kit. If you like to create themed projects, store your supplies by themes. Make sense?

super stashbuster promo 2

Another great way to store items is by activity. Keep all your die cutting and/or embossing tools together; store all your journaling supplies together; place your stamps and ink pads in the same area.


For pocket scrapbooking I keep my journaling cards and divided photo sleeves in the We R Memory Keepers Card Drawers and Sleeve Shelves.


I use the tabbed dividers that come with the drawers and use my label maker to mark all my journaling card collections.

card drawer 2

card drawer 1

I use my File Tab Punch and Stickers to organize my photo sleeves, labeling the different pocket configurations so I know exactly where everything is. I simply place the tab and sticker on the top sleeve of each category and it comes right off if I need to use that sleeve at some point.

sleeve shelves

Now, on to some creative storage and display ideas! My favorite part! I store my favorite rolls of washi tape on the We R Memory Keepers Shutter Memo Holder. I simple bent open some paper clips to create S hooks, and then used my Tab Punch to display a sample of the pattern on each roll. It’s practical and doubles as a cute piece of decor. See what you can find that stores your supplies nicely and can act as a piece of decor in your space. Antique and thrift stores are great places to browse for ideas.


And finally, I have a small decorative shelf in one corner of my craft room that is simply there to show off some of my favorite projects. I love to change things up and swap projects out on that shelf. I’ll often include seasonal or holiday projects. Here are a few peeks at different displays.


Folded Butterfly Garland by Aly Dosdall

Paper Gem Garland by Aly Dosdall


Don’t be shy about displaying your favorite projects in your space. Not only will you get to show off your creativity, but your space will feel more like yours with your unique signature on it.

Don’t forget to come back tomorrow for our final Craft Space Week post, and then stop by on Saturday for our awesome National Scrapbook Day blog hop!

Craft Room Storage with Jen

Good morning, WeR fans! Jen McDermott here, and today I am going to give you a little peek into my craft space, and show you a few different storage solutions that I use to keep all of my WeR goodies in their places!  I am NOT by nature an organized person….at all.  (My motto is creativity is messy!) And since my craft room is home to my sewing and paper crafting addictions stashes, plus my home-based business and hubby’s photography gear, I really needed help finding a place for everything.  So when WeR released their pretty and functional storage solutions, I couldn’t wait to get them into my craft room to tame the space, and give it a calm, organized vibe.  With the help of my super-organized and talented hubby and a few of his great ideas and handiwork, I now have a craft space I love!  First up, here’s where I do most of my paper crafting:

Craft Room by Jen McDermott 1

I needed some shelving to keep items that I use frequently close to my fingertips, but since this is where I create, I also wanted it to look pretty.  My husband found this bathroom storage cabinet, and added a couple of shelves on either side.  He also installed a couple of bars that hang below the shelves, to make the most of the vertical space on the wall.  I hang storage cups from Ikea on the bars, and keep my scissors, adhesive and markers in them so I can grab them easily, but they aren’t taking up any desk top real estate.  I also have two Albums Made Easy Card Cabinets that I use to store not only my Albums Made Easy Cards, but also my home-based business inventory and  A2 sized greeting cards that I have premade.  That way, when I need to grab a card quickly, they are all in a drawer, ready to go!

Craft Room by Jen McDermott 2

On another wall, I have a large shelving system mounted on the wall.  We wanted something sturdy that was deep enough to fit 12×12 paper, so we found a closet organization system at a home improvement store and my handy hubby installed it.  On one of the shelving towers, I keep all of my large WeR tools, and their accessories.  On the shelf pictured, I have the Albums Made Easy Sleeve Shelves.  I LOVE this shelving system because I have so many different sized sleeves, for the 12×12 Albums, Instagram albums, Cinch albums and Fuse, so it’s so great to be able to separate them out easily.  Hiding against that back wall are my 360 Rolling Crafter’s Bag, Shoulder Bag, and Tote Bag.

Craft Room by Jen McDermott 3

One of my favorite storage solutions in my craft room is my ribbon/twine bar.  My husband got an inexpensive curtain rod and installed it underneath the wall cabinet under my desk. It’s super easy to pop out and reload with ribbon, twine, or even a small roll of gift wrap.  Right now, it’s got my rainbow assortment of WeR baker’s twine.  Gorgeous!

Craft Room by Jen McDermott 4

My last storage solution is my towel bar! On it, I hang a few oft-used punches, my Crop-A-Dile and Corner Chompers.  I also hang those handy Ikea Storage cups with Crop-A-Dile eyelets, Sew Ribbon accessories and my paint brushes.

Craft Room by Jen McDermott 1

Thanks so much for touring my craft space with me!  Do you have any innovative storage solutions for your craft supplies? We’d love to hear them! Stop by our Facebook page to share YOUR ideas, or YOUR craft space, or leave your ideas here on this post!


Albums Made Easy Card Cabinet
Albums Made Easy Sleeve Shelves
Tri-Fold Magnetic Mat
360 Rolling Crafter’s Bag
Crafter’s Shoulder Bag
Tote Bag

Take a Tour of Aly’s Craft Room

Hello! Aly here and I’m so excited to share a peek into my craft room with you today! And this week is the perfect time to do it since my room is now clean and will be a total disaster this Saturday while I party on National Scrapbook Day. I’ll give you an overview of my space today, and then I’ll be back again on Thursday to share some details and tips with you. So, are you ready??

Here we go!

aly dosdall craft room 2

Just pretend you’re standing in the doorway of my office, because that’s where I took this photo. =)  Let’s start in this corner on the left side of my room, and we’ll go around to the right. One of my favorite things about my craft room is my patterned paper border. When we moved into this home almost 5 years ago this room had a lovely double chair rail with an outdoor/hunting themed wallpaper border. I’m not really a hunter or an outdoor enthusiast so I decided to cover it with something that was totally me–patterned paper and Mod Podge. Perfect!

aly dosdall craft room 1

This is where I store most of my supplies–in my Ikea Kallax shelving unit. My craft room, furniture, and storage containers have come together a bit at a time over the years (many of which we have been on a tight budget) and so I have a somewhat eclectic collection of clearance, free, DIY, and garage sale and thrift store finds. It works for me, and it makes me happy!




Next to this corner of my room is a closet where I store my albums, other family history documents, and some general crafting supplies. I love that I can close these closet doors and the clutter disappears!


To the right of the closet is a small workspace for my hubby (which I’m secretly eyeing for a die cutting station, hee hee), and then my main workspace right beneath the window in my room. I love to work with as much natural light as possible, and I like to have my laptop next to me when I’m working so I can look at inspiration when I need to and type up some journaling if needed.

aly dosdall craft room 3

My main work surface is a corner unit and as you turn to the right, you’ll see my printer, some storage drawers, and my die cutting supplies. I keep my most commonly used tools either in a caddy on my work surface or in those storage drawers so that my go-to’s are at my fingertips while I’m working.

aly dosdall craft room 4


Above that area is a shelf where I store some additional supplies that I don’t use very often, and some baskets where I keep completed mini albums and cards. Whenever I need a card I just pull one from my basket! I also display my latest and greatest layouts on two grip strips so I can swap them out when I feel like it. It’s fun to look up and see my family’s smiling faces while I’m working.


Of course my room is a continual work in progress as I’m adjusting things to fit my current stash, my creative process, and my crafting needs. And one key to keeping things working well is consistent purging, sorting, and re-organizing. I hope you’ve enjoyed this little tour of my craft room. Be sure to visit each day this week for more craft room photos and organization tips!

Welcome To Craft Space Week!

We’re so excited to bring you a special treat this week in preparation for National Scrapbook Day on Saturday. This week we’re sharing some of our team’s craft spaces with you, along with some organization tips. You’ll get a peek inside their creative world, what inspires them, and how they store all of their favorite scrapbooking goodies! Let’s get started with a tour of Samantha’s space.

Hello! Samantha here, and today I’m going to tell you the truth. When I got the assignment to share my crafting space with you, I was a little nervous. You see, I love my creative space, but truth be told, it’s not very pretty. I didn’t go to Ikea or the Container Store and build a gorgeous room. Instead, it’s a stuffed full, pieced together craft room built from re-purposed, found for free, or husband made items. And truth be told, I love every corner of it!

A Pieced Together Craft Room by Samantha Taylor 1

This giant desk is the heart of my room, and the best part is I got it for free off of a local swap site! Up until about 6 months ago, my work space was a mounted counter top that was less than half the size of my current work space (also something I picked up for free). Now there’s more than enough room for my boys to pull up a chair next to me and paper craft with me at my desk. See those stand up paper files on the far end of the desk? Those are full of papers they hand-picked to craft with!

A Pieced Together Craft Room by Samantha Taylor 2

I wanted to share how I store my Punch Boards. I like to keep them right at hand, so they’re in a drawer a storage container under the left side of my desk. I keep all of the directions for the punch boards in a folder in the drawer as well.

A Pieced Together Craft Room by Samantha Taylor 3

I keep the things I use the most right on my desk. You can see a tip for organizing your Albums Made Easy cards in the Albums Made Easy Card Cabinet in my design team intro post here. You can also see that I have a slight Thicker addiction, and I love keeping my Thickers and Alpha Block stickers in American Crafts Thicker Binders right on top of my desk. The wood slots on the wall just above the desk make up an ink pad and reinker storage shelf that my husband built for me from scrap wood.

A Pieced Together Craft Room by Samantha Taylor 4

He also built me these thin shelves to keep punches on. The shelves are only about 3 inches deep, and they fit in the area behind my closet door. The shelves are narrow enough that the door doesn’t bump into my punches when it’s all the way open.

A Pieced Together Craft Room by Samantha Taylor 5

This small armoire was a piece of furniture I bought for my kids’ nursery. When they moved into big kid rooms, they didn’t need it anymore, so I moved it into my craft room. I use the inside to store my 12 x 12 albums.

A Pieced Together Craft Room by Samantha Taylor 6

I use the top to store and display my mini albums. As you can see, I really love to create mini albums. I like to rotate which ones are up front from season to season, too.

A Pieced Together Craft Room by Samantha Taylor 7

This is the last photo I wanted to share with you. You’ll actually find this little space right behind the door to walk into my craft room. I needed a space to hang my 2’x2’ and 2’x3’ photo back drops, and this was it. My husband mounted a $3 curtain rod behind the door and I use $1 spring clamps to hang my photo drops on the rod. Finally, that awesome card rack was something my mom found for me for free. A business had it by the side of the road for trash pick-up, so she asked if she could have it. They were more than happy to give it to her for me!

Thank you so much for letting me share my pieced together craft room with you. I feel so blessed to be able to spend time in my creative space. Do you have a pieced together craft space? I’d love to hear about your best craft room bargain!

Thank you Samantha, for sharing a peek inside your space. Be sure to come back each day this week for more craft space tours and storage tips. Also, we’ll be hosting a fun blog hop on Saturday for National Scrapbook Day with plenty of eye candy and awesome giveaways! Mark it on your calendar and come join us.

Happy Birthday Card

Hello! My name is Jennie McGarvey and I am excited to share with you a birthday card that I had loads of fun creating with the Hello Darling collection, The Envelope Punch Board and more!


This card has a beautiful and bright feeling, perfect for a spring or summer birthday just as it is. It has texture thanks to the embossing, which was easy to do with the Evolution Advanced machine and the Classic Embossing Strips.


The embossing is so simple and so beautiful! It’s really a favorite technique of mine. I made the texture stand out ever so slightly more by lightly sanding the text.


After adhering the sentiment paper to the card base, I took the purple patterned paper and used the nested circle dies from We R Memory Keepers to create the perfect circle to show the sentiment and striped pattern paper.

I added a little edge of machine stitching just to give the card texture and a finished feeling.


We all know that a beautiful birthday card can take many shapes — but let’s also dress up the envelope, creating an even better presentation. What better way than using the Hello Darling patterned papers and the Envelope Punch Board?


All I needed was a sheet of paper with a beautiful pattern on one side and a solid on the other! I also knew I could make this envelope really special by adding a bit of the Washi Wraps. A simple step that really impresses the recipient.



I love that this card is beautiful and fun to make. Plus, the overall presentation is made easy with We R Memory Keepers tools but will make your recipient feel special. Make sure to share your favorite We R Memory Keepers gift wrap ideas with us on the We R Memory Keepers social media channels! We love to see what you are up to.


Envelope Punch Board
WE R MEMORY KEEPERS-Lifestyle Nesting Dies
Evolution Advanced
Hello Darling Patterned Paper
Hello Darling Die Cuts
Hello Darling Cork Stickers
Hello Darling Enamel Shapes
Everyday Washi Wraps
Classic Embossing Strips

Party With The Evolution Advanced!

Hey there We R fans! It’s your blog hostess Aly Dosdall here. How are you enjoying Birthday Week so far? Are you getting some helpful ideas for your next birthday celebration? I know I am!

Today I wanted to share with you how very helpful one of our most popular tools is when it comes to decorating, planning, and preparing for birthday parties. Our Evolution Advanced is your one-stop essential crafting tool for everything party related. (Minus cooking the food, of course!)

Not only can you use the Evolution to die cut embellishments for invitations and cards…

…you can use it to decorate birthday cakes and cupcakes…

We R Birthday Cake Topper by Aly Dosdall 1

We R Dots Birthday Set by Aly Dosdall_close 3

…and you can use it to add that extra special touch your party guests will always remember.

We R Embossed Napkins by Aly Dosdall 3

We R Embossed Napkins by Aly Dosdall 4

Whether you’re making containers, banners, decorations or invitations, the Evolution Advanced opens up endless possibilities for creativity and fun. From die cutting, to embossing, to letterpress your party will be unique and special with your own handmade touch.


Party Hats {Free Printable Template}

Hi there, Aimee here sharing some party hats for Birthday Week, using the new collection Cake & Candles. It just happens to be my nephew’s 3rd birthday and these hats came in handy!

Party Hats by Aimee Maddern 1

Party Hat by Aimee Maddern 11

I started off by cutting the hats with my digital die cut machine, if you don’t have a die cut machine below is a link to a similar party hat printable template. 

Party Hat Template

I used Celebrate, Cupcakes and Party Hat {imagine that} 12×12 paper from Cake and Candles. After the hats were cut, I adhered the edges of the paper together to form the hat.


To create the pom poms I used We R’s Bakers Twine in Orange, Aqua and Yellow. I wrapped the twine several times around my fingers but you could also use a ruler {I probably used about 3-5 yards per pom pom}. With a separate piece of twine I tied a knot around the middle of the whole bundle of twine. Once the knot was tied, I cut the loops of the twine.




Once the loops were cut I fluffed the tails to create a round pom pom, some tails may need to be trimmed more. You can even try rolling the twine like a ball in your palms. I hot glued the pom poms to the top of each party hat, and the fluffed the pom pom again. I used some more twine for the ties by punching holes on either side of the hat and attaching the twine with knots. I embellished each hat using Ephemera Bits and foam adhesive.




Thanks for stopping by the W R blog; what will you create with Cakes and Candles?


Cakes and Candles 12×12 Paper Pad
Cakes and Candles Ephemera Pack
Aqua Baker’s Twine
Yellow Baker’s Twine
Orange Baker’s Twine

Birthday Week: Invitations

Hello WR fans! Carrie here today to share with you a fun birthday invitation. Birthdays are always special and fun for your child, so here is a fun way you can get the birthday boy or girl involved in making it a bit more fun (that’s how simple these are to create!). These invites are super easy to make and you can actually make them with those scraps you are hanging on to. I made mine with scraps from WRMK Cakes and Candles line.
First you are going to take your cardstock and cut it down to 5 1/2 inches by 11 inches. You will need 2 pieces cut in this size. Once you get those, score and fold them in half. Next you are going to cut on one side from your bottom corner on a diagonal to your center crease. Do this for both pieces of cardstock.
After you get both pieces cut line them up and adhere together.
Next fold each side over and adhere. Make sure you get as close to the bottom as you can since you will be inserting a removable invite in this pocket.
Now the fun part…decorating! You can decorate these however you like, you can go simple, you can go fancy, however you decide to do them  just make sure you are having fun!
As you can see, the invite fits right into the pocket and ready for the recipient to pull it out to find out where and when all the fun will be had!
For this project I used:
WR Memory Keepers Party Hat 12×12 Patterned Paper from the Cakes and Candles line
WR Memory Keepers Gift Wrap 12×12 Patterned Paper from the Cakes and Candles line
WR Memory Keepers Balloons 12×12 Patterned Paper from the Cakes and Candles line
WR Memory Keepers Cakes and Candles Wood Stickers

Spring Cinch Album

Hi everyone, it’s Traci and I’m back to share a Spring mini album with you today.  If you follow my blog, Artsy Albums, you know I’m crazy about minis.  They are my favorite project so I had a lot of fun creating this one.  For this little album I used the Hello Darling paper and embellishments, and The Cinch binding tool.  I also used some other We R Memory products that I’ll share as we go …

I’m a big fan of layers so I layered lots of goodies on the cover.  The ephemera die-cuts with this collection are wonderful so I paired a few of them with We R’s new sequins and alpha block stickers.

Spring Cinch Album by Traci Penrod1  

For the first inside page, I used one of my favorite Lifestyle Crafts dies, Classic Doily, and layered on a few more die cuts.  I don’t envision a photo going on this page … just a pretty introduction to my album.

Spring Cinch Album by Traci Penrod2

Spring Cinch Album by Traci Penrod3 
On this page, I added a scallop photo mat that I embossed for a little texture. 

Spring Cinch Album by Traci Penrod4

…and then for this pocket page, I added a Raindrop border punch for some extra detail.  I tucked one of the 4×6 journaling cards from the collection into the pocket.

Spring Cinch Album by Traci Penrod5

Spring Cinch Album by Traci Penrod6

Thanks for letting me share this spring-inspired mini with you today!  I hope spring and warmer weather are happening where you are soon!   I hope you’ll visit the We R Memory Keepers Facebook page and share your spring projects with us!



The Cinch Binding tool
Designer Book Board and White binding wire
Hello Darling paper collection and Ephemera Die Cuts
Hello Darling Enamel Shapes
White Card stock
Sequin Stickers
Alpha Block Stickers
2-edge Raindrop punch
Lifestyle Scallop Nesting Die
We R Memory Embossing Folder

Throwback Thursday: Spring Banner

Welcome to Throwback Thursday! I’m your blog hostess, Aly Dosdall, and I’ll be revisiting some of my favorite blog projects from past years every now and then on Thursdays. I think it’s fun to look at past projects with a fresh set of eyes–you can always find new inspiration and more current ways to interpret them. Plus, if you missed them last time around now you get to enjoy them!

Today I’m throwing it back to this lovely spring rosette banner from last year. I used lots of our dies and the Evolution for this and it just makes me happy.

The soft colors and shapes really emphasize the spring feel of this project. I used one of my favorite past collections–Chalkboard. Yum!

For more photos, details, and a full supply list CLICK HERE to see the original post.

And be sure to come back tomorrow for a gorgeous spring mini album by design team member Traci Penrod!