Welcome To Craft Space Week!

We’re so excited to bring you a special treat this week in preparation for National Scrapbook Day on Saturday. This week we’re sharing some of our team’s craft spaces with you, along with some organization tips. You’ll get a peek inside their creative world, what inspires them, and how they store all of their favorite scrapbooking goodies! Let’s get started with a tour of Samantha’s space.

Hello! Samantha here, and today I’m going to tell you the truth. When I got the assignment to share my crafting space with you, I was a little nervous. You see, I love my creative space, but truth be told, it’s not very pretty. I didn’t go to Ikea or the Container Store and build a gorgeous room. Instead, it’s a stuffed full, pieced together craft room built from re-purposed, found for free, or husband made items. And truth be told, I love every corner of it!

A Pieced Together Craft Room by Samantha Taylor 1

This giant desk is the heart of my room, and the best part is I got it for free off of a local swap site! Up until about 6 months ago, my work space was a mounted counter top that was less than half the size of my current work space (also something I picked up for free). Now there’s more than enough room for my boys to pull up a chair next to me and paper craft with me at my desk. See those stand up paper files on the far end of the desk? Those are full of papers they hand-picked to craft with!

A Pieced Together Craft Room by Samantha Taylor 2

I wanted to share how I store my Punch Boards. I like to keep them right at hand, so they’re in a drawer a storage container under the left side of my desk. I keep all of the directions for the punch boards in a folder in the drawer as well.

A Pieced Together Craft Room by Samantha Taylor 3

I keep the things I use the most right on my desk. You can see a tip for organizing your Albums Made Easy cards in the Albums Made Easy Card Cabinet in my design team intro post here. You can also see that I have a slight Thicker addiction, and I love keeping my Thickers and Alpha Block stickers in American Crafts Thicker Binders right on top of my desk. The wood slots on the wall just above the desk make up an ink pad and reinker storage shelf that my husband built for me from scrap wood.

A Pieced Together Craft Room by Samantha Taylor 4

He also built me these thin shelves to keep punches on. The shelves are only about 3 inches deep, and they fit in the area behind my closet door. The shelves are narrow enough that the door doesn’t bump into my punches when it’s all the way open.

A Pieced Together Craft Room by Samantha Taylor 5

This small armoire was a piece of furniture I bought for my kids’ nursery. When they moved into big kid rooms, they didn’t need it anymore, so I moved it into my craft room. I use the inside to store my 12 x 12 albums.

A Pieced Together Craft Room by Samantha Taylor 6

I use the top to store and display my mini albums. As you can see, I really love to create mini albums. I like to rotate which ones are up front from season to season, too.

A Pieced Together Craft Room by Samantha Taylor 7

This is the last photo I wanted to share with you. You’ll actually find this little space right behind the door to walk into my craft room. I needed a space to hang my 2’x2’ and 2’x3’ photo back drops, and this was it. My husband mounted a $3 curtain rod behind the door and I use $1 spring clamps to hang my photo drops on the rod. Finally, that awesome card rack was something my mom found for me for free. A business had it by the side of the road for trash pick-up, so she asked if she could have it. They were more than happy to give it to her for me!

Thank you so much for letting me share my pieced together craft room with you. I feel so blessed to be able to spend time in my creative space. Do you have a pieced together craft space? I’d love to hear about your best craft room bargain!

Thank you Samantha, for sharing a peek inside your space. Be sure to come back each day this week for more craft space tours and storage tips. Also, we’ll be hosting a fun blog hop on Saturday for National Scrapbook Day with plenty of eye candy and awesome giveaways! Mark it on your calendar and come join us.

17 thoughts on “Welcome To Craft Space Week!

  1. Thank you for sharing your craft space. I think it looks great! My trouble is trying to set up my webcam in a good place for overhead viewing, and yet being able to have my space open enough to craft without the cam getting into the way. It seems I’m always reorganizing! Again, thanks for sharing! Jeanie E

    • Thanks for your kind words and encouragement, Elaine! I hope you love your pieced together space as much as I love mine!

  2. Love your craft room setup! I was wondering how large your room is ? I’m in the process of organizing my small bedroom into a craft room, but I’m having a hard time laying it out due to a small space and I have a lot of craft stuff to store.

    • Hi Debby, my room is about 10′ x 14′ with a 4′ x 4′ closet. I’ve found that using every possible inch of wall space helps a lot!

  3. So glad to see a craft room that is made with bits and pieces! 🙂 And that punch shelving made by your husband is some serious shelving!! You have some great finds! a spinning card rack: who else has that!! Thanks for sharing it with us. 🙂 Hugs, H in Healdsburg

  4. I love your room. Mine is pieced together also. I like it that way- its unique. I have one of those card holders also. I found mine for $5. I put stamps in mine. If you have them in those envelopes it looks neat. I am looking for wheels for it so I can wheel it by me when I am crafting. I purchased a larger rectangular one from a local office store at a great price. I just happened to ask if they had one they didn’t want and they said yes. I found wheels already for that one. I like that I can twirl it around and go to the section with the stamps I need. Kudos to your husband on the shelves. They look great!

    • $5 is a great deal. Putting stamps in it is so clever. Thanks for taking the time to read about my space, and to share pieces of yours with me, too.

    • Thanks for your kind words…I was a little nervous to share my space, but I should have known better. We R has the best fans!

  5. Looks great! I currently work in a room in our basement and it is the same sort of hodge podge of organization.

    • It’s not always quite as pretty, but I love how custom you can make a space when you have a bit of hodge podge organization…plus I save money I can then use to buy more scrapping supplies 😉

  6. I just want to say, Yes, your room should be featured! You have a unique room and it works. I too look for bargains and can’t resist a clearance storage item.

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