Adding More Photos To Your Layouts

Hi everyone, it’s Traci and today I’ll be sharing a tip for adding lots of photos to a 12×12 page.  I use this technique in my mini album kits and custom scrapbook pages all the time.  When a client requests a custom album they often want more photos on a 12×12 page than will traditionally “fit”.  My solution?  Cards that flip-up or fold-out to reveal additional photos.


First, I created my 12×12 base page.  For this layout I used the new Denim Blues paper .  Once I had the base and overall design, I looked at the photos to consider size.  Could several photos be cropped to 3×4? 4×4? another size?

The key to adding lots of photos is a flip-card that will hold three photos…one on the front, and two inside the card.


For my first card, the photo is 4×4.  The We R Memory Instagram overlay frame is 4×4, so I chose to make my flip-up card 4.25” x 4.25”.  My base card stock needs to be 4.25” x 8.50”, with a score line at 4.25”.


For this layout I have two 4.25×4.25” cards and one 4.25×6.25” card.  In order for me to be able to open the cards from the outside of my plastic page protector, I used a craft knife to create a slit in the plastic.  I slid the page into my We R Memory Keepers Page protector and laid the photo cards down on top of the plastic.  Then I gently cut slits in the plastic along each of the card’s fold lines.


I added adhesive to the back of each card and slipped the backs through the slits so that the card now opens from outside of the page protector.



Thanks for letting me share this fun way to get lots of photos on a page!  We would love to see your layouts so please share pictures with us on our Facebook page!  Thanks for stopping by!




Denim Blues Fabric Paper and Stickers
Farmer’s Market Paper and Instagram Frames
Trim & Score Board
12×12 Page Protectors

6 thoughts on “Adding More Photos To Your Layouts

  1. I am you slit the protective cover and slid the entire card under the cover? Because if you use adhesive the card is going to stick to the paper, why are you slitting the cover???See I am confused, why didn’t you just add the pics to the original page?

    • Hi Karol — this can be a bit confusing. I create slits in the plastic page protector so that the cards can open from the outside. When you make a slit, you only slide the back of the card through the plastic and adhere the back of each card to your page … the front of the card stays on the top of the page protector so that when you are looking at the album, you can flip up or open the cards to see additional photos. Hope this helps!

  2. What a unique & innovative way solution to a problem a lot of us have. I know I’ve always wondered how to do this. Thanks for sharing!

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