New Release | Snap Storage

Need some help getting your craft supplies organized? We R Memory Keepers to the rescue again with our new Snap Storage system! This easy to install system keeps your ribbon, washi tape, and small embellishments organized in an attractive and easy to access way.

WR_SnapStorage-Lifestyle shot

Save space on your work surface by mounting the Storage Bar on the wall in your craft space. Then add ribbon, washi tape, and bottle clips to keep your stash organized and at your fingertips.

WR_SnapStorage-Starter Kit and Bar

WR_SnapStorage-Bottle Clips

The ribbon and washi tape clips come in small, medium, and large sizes to fit varying widths of spools. Customize your Snap Storage system to fit your needs!

WR_SnapStorage-Ribbon Clips WR_SnapStorage-Washi Tape Clips

So, what do you think? What would you do with the Snap Storage system in your craft space?

Come back tomorrow to see some more new releases!

10 thoughts on “New Release | Snap Storage

  1. I love anything that saves space! Love the little jars for embellishments. If I could see my stuff, I would use it more!

  2. Looks wonderful, but I wouldn’t have enough wall space in my craft room to hang all my spools of ribbon, Washi tape, & ribbon tape, not to mention the embellishments I have.

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