New Release | Crafter’s Shoulder Bags & Totes

We already have 360 Crafter’s Bags in beautiful two-tone stripes, but now we’ve got matching Crafter’s Shoulder Bags and Totes to complete your craft room storage set!

WR_360Bag-2 WR_360Bag-2a WR_360Bag-3 WR_360Bag-3aWR_360Bag-4aWR_360Bag-4


With these new shoulder bags you’ll still enjoy the same dimensions and wonderful features as before, just in new styles! You’ll love the removable plastic accordion folder for storing paper, and how the shoulder bag conveniently fits over the handle of the 360 bag. The totes are also still the same size and high quality, allowing you easy access to your essential crafting supplies.

Tune in tomorrow for our final new release!

13 thoughts on “New Release | Crafter’s Shoulder Bags & Totes

  1. I just had mine stolen over the weekend… Full of stamps no less. Anyone know if the gray striped shoulder bag is still available?? I see this was posted 2 years ago. I can’t imagine they’d stop making these. They’re awesome bags!!! Please email me and let me know mistyelam @ mcn dot org. This isn’t spam. I’m totally legit. I even have a blog you can check out to see I’m a real person. Happyinkdesigns dot WordPress dot com. I’m desperate to get another one of these in gray. TIA

  2. Love the freshness of these totes very well designed and fonally one that looks like would be comfortable on the shoulder, hope we get them here in Australia …. Haven’t seen your big one here yet and would love to have one of those also..

  3. if you’re wondering what to do with that tote, I just LOVE mine to store my Cuttlebug in… fits perfectly and I can grab and go with the tote when I need a speedy get-away to a craft day with my momma. (I have the previous happy crafter script one, but I do love the blue and green, too). Thanks for creating something we can actually use!

  4. horrible! sorry We R Memory Keepers but you should sack the person who was concept artist on these-the older versions in grey script and quatrefoil pattern looked much classier and actually designed these look cheap.

  5. Why does everyone think pink and orange go together :(. How about pink and purple or two tone pink? Just ruins pink for me

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