Evolution Advanced Overview Video

30 days of evolutionThere are so many amazing features to the Evolution Advanced that we thought we’d take some time today to share them with you. Blog hostess Aly Dosdall recently shot a YouTube video in our studio to demonstrate just how versatile and easy to use this tool really is. Take a look at the video below to see it in action!


16 thoughts on “Evolution Advanced Overview Video

  1. I am concerned, because it seemed that you die cut directly onto your magnetic platform. Eventually that platform would become cut up and need replacing. Was I missing something? I do like the idea that the machine as some finite adjustments that can be made to the pressure of the plate.

  2. Hi Aly, Thanks for the great demo. I love my Evolution Advanced and use it all the time. I noticed that you flipped your plates when embossing or cutting. Is this more beneficial to the process, or just your preference? I purchased the Evolution Advanced last year when it was first introduced and I don’t have the magnetic B plate. Can this be purchased separately? I would love for you to do a demo on the Letterpress aspect, since I have been a little afraid to try it because it looks a little complicated. Thanks, again!!!

  3. I posted this on the YouTube site for the video, but I will post the same question here:

    Thank you for the demo, Aly. I noticed that you placed the B plate on the bottom of the ‘sandwich’ when cutting a die, and then when you embossed, the B plate was on the top. Is there a reason it was flipped for embossing or can the sandwich be run through the machine either way no matter if you are cutting or embossing?

    Also, what kind of warranty is included with the Evolution Advanced? Thanks.

    • Great question, snap-schotts! I place the die face down on my paper when using the magnetic mat and place the platform upside down on top so I can see where I’m placing my die on my paper before running it through the evolution. You can run the sandwich through the machine either way for cutting and embossing. 😉

      The magnetic mat is sold separately from the Evolution Advanced. You do get the platform and a non-magnetic self-healing mat with the Evolution Advanced.

      As far as warranties go you’ll need to check with the individual retailer and with American Crafts customer service to find out. I’m not really sure–sorry. Here’s some contact info for AC: 801.226.0747 [ Main Office ], email: acinfo@americancrafts.com.

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