Organize Your Scrapbook Supplies With Stackable Trays

Good morning, We R fans! Jen McDermott here with a peek at how I use my Stackable Trays. I absolutely love these trays for keeping my “desk piles” at bay.  I am by nature a messy crafter, so anything that can give me organized vertical storage is a MUST for my desk.

Scrapbook supply organization by designer Jen McDermott using the new We R Memory Keepers Stackable Trays #wermemorykeepers #stackabletrays #organization

I looked around my craft area to assess what my most cluttersome piles are and found that I need a good stopping place for my finished layouts that have yet to be filed into the correct album! So, I labeled trays for both my “love album” (where I keep pics of the hubs and I and our adventures) and a “kids album” tray.  Now, when I have a few minutes, I can grab my album and head over to the trays to file them away.

Stackable Trays by Jen McDermott2

Stackable Trays by Jen McDermott3

I also have a tray for “W.I.P.s”, or “works in progress”. I also like the term “UFOs” for these, too—“unfinished objects” J  And a tray to hold the collection I was using on my UFOs. That way, it’s easy to create a few minutes at a time, while working around other family commitments. I quickly grab my WIP and the collection, and work when I have a quick break.

Stackable Trays by Jen McDermott4

There are so many ways you could customize these trays to work for you and your crafting needs! So tell me: how do you plan to use them in your space?

4 thoughts on “Organize Your Scrapbook Supplies With Stackable Trays

  1. I love the idea of WIP! I’m always trying to figure out where to put them! And they’d be great for those little items you’re using while working, instead of scattered all over the desk. It’s hard to believe I can misplace something without leaving my desk! (There’s a crafty gremlin out there, I’m sure!)

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