FUSEables Layout

Good morning, We R Fans! Jen McDermott here, and I am just so excited to get to share with you a layout I did using my Fuse, and the brand new Fusables paper and embellishments.  First off, I LOVE the new mat for the Fuse tool. It’s got a nifty little holster on it where I can put my Fuse and not worry about it burning while I’m working. And the heat-proof mat was exactly what I needed when creating a whole 12×12 layout with the Fusables paper, so SHOUT OUT to We R for coming up with such innovative products! Holla!

FUSEables scrapbook layout by Jen McDermott for We R Memory Keepers #FUSEables #thefuse #scrapbooking

To get started, I preheated my Fuse in the holster and gathered my supplies. I wanted to use the nifty ruler to add some detail to my background paper, so I grabbed the ruler and a couple of sheets of the Fusables paper, and got to work.

Fusables Layout by Jen McDermott1

Once I had traced and cut out my background paper, I fused them together using the ruler as a guide.  Then I decided I wanted a neat little confetti pocket on my page, because I CAN JUST FUSE IT TO THE BACKGROUND, EASY PEASY. So, I grabbed my Confetti punch, slid the confetti into a photo sleeve and fused it on up!

Fusables Layout by Jen McDermott2

Then I just fused it to the paper. So, so easy. Once I had my background done, I adhered my background photo, and then I got to embellish! My favorite part! I LOVE the new fusable ribbon and fringe trim. It adds so much to the layout as far as texture and color, and it’s so easy to apply; just run your fuse over it.

FUSEables scrapbook layout by Jen McDermott for We R Memory Keepers #FUSEables #thefuse #scrapbooking>

I did a few groupings of the super cute fuseable embellishments, ran my fuse over them to keep them in place and that was it.

FUSEables scrapbook layout by Jen McDermott for We R Memory Keepers #FUSEables #thefuse #scrapbooking

It was so much fun; almost like stitching, but so much easier! I absolutely love my Fuse, and can’t wait to get to making some cards with it!! Here is my final layout:

FUSEables scrapbook layout by Jen McDermott for We R Memory Keepers #FUSEables #thefuse #scrapbooking


Tell us, what would YOU Fuse?

Supplies Used:

The Fuse
Fuse Mat
Fuse ruler
FUSEables Paper
FUSEables Embellishments
FUSEables Trim
Confetti Punch
Sticky Thumb Adhesive Runner by American Crafts


7 thoughts on “FUSEables Layout

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  2. I think that there are endless inspirations all over to use the fuse such as: Postcard shakers, Shaker Cards including snow globes for Christmas!!, and Shaker pages for albums! Use blue Hair Depp and make it look like water in a bottle!! Gift cards zipped up in plastic and then made into a spinner in the middle of a tri card. Plastic enclosed twisting Candy lane in front of upcoming Ginger Bread houses (which would be reusable!!) Baby keepsakes enclosed in plastic for prosperity. So many more things but you get the picture!! I need one of these!

  3. QUESTION: First off, beautiful layout. Now my question. I have a fuse tool and I am wondering if I have to purchase special fuse paper or if I can use it with any scrapbooking paper. I have a ton of paper and want to use it up before I purchase any more paper. Thanks in advance for your help with this. 🙂

  4. OMG!! The Fuse would take my mixed media projects to the next level!! I would be able to add shaker elements to them, to my cards and to my altered art projects also!! I think that I would also test the fuse paper to see if it would stand up to either machine or handwashing so that I could add adorable shaker elements to onesies and t-shirts for little kids!! How fun would that be?!?!?! Definitely excited about the Fuse and Fuse-ables and the storage for all of it!!! WOOOOO HOOOOO!

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