DIY Party Bridal Shower

We’re going to take a little break from Banner Punch Board Week to share a very special project featuring our new DIY Party collection.

A couple of weeks ago our in-house design team shared some awesome inspiration using the new DIY Party collection. You can check that out HERE. Well, they’ve done it again! Check out the amazing Bridal Shower decor they created with the DIY Party collection.


The DIY Party collection includes everything you need to make your special event beautiful and memorable. You’ll find cardstock, honeycomb paper, tissue paper, and mylar sheets.


Combine the papers with the new tools, and you’ll get amazing results! Those rosettes and honeycomb shapes look gorgeous!



Use the new DIY Party paper with your favorite We R Punch Boards to create coordinating gift packaging!




From large scale decor pieces, to the tiniest of details, the DIY Party collection covers just about everything!

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