New Release | Ruler Studio

Hello We R fans! We’re thrilled to share more details about one of our new releases today–the Ruler Studio! Create unlimited shapes that are perfect for home decor. The Ruler Studio collection has all of the elements to create frames, wreaths, monograms, holiday décor, photo displays and so much more. Easily clip photos, ephemera, and cards to your Ruler Studio creations.  Simply clip hooks on to your Ruler Studio creations to transform them into wall storage for jewelry, scarves, and other hanging items.

WR_RulerStudio-specs 1

These vintage-inspired folding rulers come in three different sizes–12 inches, 9 inches, and 6 inches. Choose from Natural, Mint, White, and Red. Use our Hanging Clips, Picture Clips, Adhesive Foam Squares, Natural String, Picture Frames, LED Light Strand, Decorative Knob Clips, and Decorative Hook Clips to customize your Ruler Studio creations.

WR_RulerStudio-specs 2

Watch for more details, some design team inspiration, and a giveaway here on the blog next week!

3 thoughts on “New Release | Ruler Studio

  1. I am one person that loves all things We R and graves them to all ends. I am also a ruler junkie so of course I have to have these. Can’t wait to see everything I can do with them and certainly can;t wait to be able to order each and every one of them. It would be wonderful to win them or even part of them but I am not usually that lucky, either way We R, thanks so much for even more inventive ideas and products to help all of us artists and crafters to go even further with our own creations! You inspire me so much! Thanks so much for all you do!

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