FUSEables Card Kit Mini Album | Video Tutorial

Hello friends! Have you subscribed to our YouTube channel? We’ve got tons of tool demos, tutorials, and project ideas to inspire you and help you get the most out of your favorite We R products, so be sure to check it out.

We thought it would be fun today to share one of our recent project videos using our Fuse tool with the FUSEables collection.  Our FUSEables Card Kit is great for making cards with the Photo Sleeve Fuse, but in this project video Aly Dosdall shows you how to use the kit to make an easy but darling mini album with The Cinch. Scroll down to find the video below the photos. Isn’t this a great gift idea for your sweetie for Valentine’s Day?

FUSEables Mini Album by Aly Dosdall 1
FUSEables Mini Album by Aly Dosdall 3

FUSEables Mini Album by Aly Dosdall 5

FUSEables Mini Album by Aly Dosdall 7

FUSEables Mini Album by Aly Dosdall 8


FUSEables Everyday Card Kit
FUSEables Ephemera
Photo Sleeve Fuse
Fuse Mat
The Cinch
Cinch Wires

14 thoughts on “FUSEables Card Kit Mini Album | Video Tutorial

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  2. Can your design team be any ‘whiter’. You know women of color do paper crafting. Also women who are not ‘born again’ nor mormon do paper crafts. Diversity- you should try it sometime! I don’t know if I could support a company that doesn’t support diversity.

  3. Oh YES I love watching The YouTube videos 🙂
    Amazing FUSE and thank you for showing us more possibilites and inspirations to use it. I cannot wait to have the FUSE supplies and createvwith them 🙂

      • I have to say though, that even though I love the concept of fuseable papers I am often frustrated with the result. I order the HSN fuse kit when if first came out and was psyched to try it. And in theory, if one can get perfectly straight lines, the result is gorgeous. But getting those straight lines is not easy. Like for example if we look at the top picture, the top left corner where the pink heart is, there are two distinctive lines and a bit of a third one. Same at the top right corner. And then again below, where the yellow and pink hearts are.

        I know that may not bother most people. But I just can’t bring myself to give out a card that is not -if not perfect- at least very close to it instead of some noticeable mistakes.

        I guess it takes time to master the fuse. But I am getting quite frustrated by it and it is a shame because i do like the idea of the results. If well done, it can be quite something else

      • Yes, it does take some practice to get the right speed and pressure with the Fuse. And different materials (ie plastic sheets, photo sleeves, FUSEables papers) require different amounts of speed and pressure, so it helps to practice with the individual materials. What I really like about the FUSEables papers is that the fused lines remind me of stitching–kind of a homespun feel. I like my stitching on the more organic side though–not totally straight and perfect. I’ve learned over the years to embrace the imperfections in my projects because that’s a manifestation of my humanity–part of who I am. I guess it really depends on each crafter’s personal style and preference. Keep up with the practice. =)

  4. Really cute, Aly! I’ve only used my Fuse on photo sleeves so far, but now I’ll have to branch out and make something cute like this. Thanks!

    I have a request. Would you please put out a video on the PomPom maker with some ideas? I’m not seeing much about it. Thanks much!

    • Thank you! Yes, the FUSEables collection opens up a lot of fun possibilities with the Fuse tool.

      Thank you for your request! Great idea–we’ll definitely get on that soon. =)

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