New Releases: Laser Square + Corner Chomper

Happy Monday friends! We’re thrilled to bring you yet another set of wonderful new releases today. These tools are designed to make your crafting easier and your projects look more beautiful. They just started shipping to retailers today, so watch for them in stores and online in the next few weeks.

Laser Square

Quickly align, straighten, and perfect any project with the new Laser Square. This tool is perfect for scrapbooking, stamping, quilting, school projects and more. It includes inch and metric measurements, and the laser slides from 0 to 12 in (0 to 30.5 cm). The mat and Laser Square fold down for convenient storage. The Laser Square can be adjusted to a 90° angle or placed together in a straight line.




Corner Chomper

Embellish your corners with the Corner Chomper! Each Corner Chomper has 2 designs. Use these sturdy tools to cut through paper, cardstock, chipboard, leather, plastic and more. They both have a scrap storage space than you can easily open and empty when full. Multi-lingual instruction sheet included.



We’d love to know what you think of these new release! How would you use them in your crafting? Leave a comment below and tell us all about it.

32 thoughts on “New Releases: Laser Square + Corner Chomper

  1. I got my laser square from HSN. I’m so disappointed. It’s cheap plastic that is warped on arrival. It doesn’t make straight lines when it is warped. Useless piece of garbage. Right into the bin.

  2. Why can’t the laser squares be found anywhere— even online? I have been looking for over a month– when I first noticed them and have not actually seen them instock. When is the next release date??? Help a crooked girl out

  3. So I make signs and banners for parties and the letters are always crooked and I just tell everyone that it’s not supposed to be perfect because we are human and its homemade with love! They’ll believe anything and the laser would be awesome to use so I don’t have to make excuses! I want corner chompers because they are fantastic for adding that special something to your photo and pages! Love the corner chompers but I’ve only borrowed them I don’t own any at the moment.

  4. I’m definitely in need of a corner chomper. I have at least 5 different corner rounders but none punch through chipboard!!!! It would be great to round the corners of my mini albums.

  5. The laser square would be ridiculously useful in both paper crafting and vinyl alignment of multiple layers. It is now at the top of my wishlist. Can’t wait to find one for sale! Great idea Memory Keepers!!

  6. I have been waiting forever for the corner chompers to be available again! Need it to chomp the corners of my mini albums to make them look authentic with the line of papers I use. Thank You for bringing them back! The laser square would keep the papers straight and reduce the need for all the extra measuring.

  7. I’m thinking that laser would help me adhere my card layers so they are not a little crooked each time. The corner chompers work nice for cards or tags.

  8. I would love to get the laser square. Would be great for scrapbooking and making signs school projects. A definite must have!

  9. Ohh! What I should be happy to own this scrapbookthings. Maybe I’ll get it on my birthday thats soon come. I need them. I need all things from WeRM K.
    Annika from Sweden

  10. Wooohooo! I am so excited about the Laser Square! There are so many times that I have had a problem lining this up. I just ordered a new set of alphabet dies and this would be perfect for lining up those letters! O.K., I am ready to buy one now, just need to know where to buy and how much? Released yet? I love WRMK products and have quite a few tools including a corner chomper…love mine. Mostly a card maker with some scrapbooking!
    Thank you bunches for this new tool…it is on my shopping list!

  11. The laser square is a great idea. I often have difficulties to make everything perfectly straight on my page. It would be good for me. And I love the corner chumpers, I would use the scallop one.

  12. The laser square sounds like a must-have item for those of us who need handmade “perfection” from our projects. Lol. Corner Chompers are wonderful products & I don’t think I can have too many. 🙂

  13. I am looking forward to getting the Laser Square into my scrapbooking stash. I think it would be wonderful to use instead of all the measurng I do. And I am thinking that it would be great for pictures on the walls also.

  14. OH love the new corner choppers I have the 1/2 & 1/4″ chomped love it for scrapbooking so would use your new item for scrapbooking also more awesom products from We r Memory Keepers

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