Ruler Studio Inspiration Board

Hello, We R Memory Keepers fans, Laura here! Today, I am sharing with you a fun way to use the Ruler Studio in your home decor as an inspiration board.

Ruler Studio Inspiration Board by Laura Silva for We R Memory Keepers

In my craft room, I originally had a plan for a gallery wall with inspirational art work I have collected. But, as my room has evolved, I have ended up using all my available wall space for shelving and storage.

Once I got my hands on the Ruler Studio, I knew it would be perfect for creating an inspirational gallery wall, of sorts. I chose the 12 inch Ruler Studio since it is the biggest one and I wanted to create a shape that would be large enough to hold more than one 8” x 10” print.

I started by creating an octagon shape with the Ruler Studio.

I added the DIY Party Die Cut butterflies to the Ruler Studio light strand. It is so fun to have battery powered light strands you can use anywhere. I love butterflies, so this was a natural choice for my craft room. I hooked the light strand on the ruler studio using a Hanging Clip and the Pewter Picture Clips.

Ruler Studio Inspiration Board by Laura Silva 2

To be able to attach my artwork to the Ruler Studio I tied some Natural String around the top and bottom of the bends on the octagon. I can now clip on any artwork or inspirational sayings I want to the strings with the Pewter Picture Clips.

Ruler Studio Inspiration Board by Laura Silva 3
I think the gold foil print is my favorite. I received it as a gift at last year’s Snap Conference from Heidi Swapp.

Ruler Studio Inspiration Board by Laura Silva 4

This inspiration board will be hung on the outside of my craft room closet door.  I think it turned out even better than a gallery wall because I can change out the artwork any time I want!

Ruler Studio Inspiration Board by Laura Silva 5



Ruler Studio 12 in Folded Ruler
Ruler Studio Hanging Clips
Ruler Studio Natural String
Ruler Studio Pewter Picture Clips
Ruler Studio LED Light Strand
DIY Party Die Cut Butterflies

2 thoughts on “Ruler Studio Inspiration Board

  1. Very effective design wise & functional!! Love the butterflies…not clear on which die you used…I lije having the solud backer die for the butterfly! Party butterfly die?? Is it a WRMK? Thnks, Terry Y.

    • Hi Terry! The butterflies are pre-cut shapes included in the DIY Party Light Strand Collection. They come in a pack of multi-color, and metallic (which includes white). They just recently started shipping to retailers so you should be able to find them in stores soon. I know Amazon is getting them in soon. Hope that helps.

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