Graduation Mini Album

Hello everyone, Wendy here today to share a mini book that I put together to document my daughter’s last few years of school.  High school is such an important time and so I wanted to make a book that would document those moments.  I included places to put pictures, add some thoughts, and keep memorabilia.

Graduation mini album by Wendy Antenucci

I began my book by creating a place to put each year’s school picture with the grade showcased in the frames from the Honey I’m Home collection.

Grad mini by Wendy Antenucci-1

To consolidate space, I created these pages on the one side of the coin envelopes which I included to manage those little pieces of life my daughter might want to save.

Grad mini by Wendy Antenucci-2

On the other side I created a file folder held shut with a fun paper clip from the Goodie Bag collection.  Here my daughter can add some journaling or tuck in other memorabilia.

Grad mini by Wendy Antenucci-3

I added in a decorative page to add some fun encouraging words on the one side.  On the facing page I wanted to add some graduation/celebration sparkle so I chose the Gold Dot Clearly Posh which I decided to add in a fun place to hold some small pictures.

Grad mini by Wendy Antenucci-4

Design Tip:  Did you know the Fuse will work on the Clearly Posh pieces?  I was super excited to find this out and fused some of the 2×2 waterfall pieces to the Gold Dot piece.

Grad mini by Wendy Antenucci-5

Here is a look at the pages opened up.  I kept each page a different length so that everything could be seen at once.

Grad mini by Wendy Antenucci-6

I hope my daughter has a great high school career and she will be able to look back at this book with fond memories.

Grad mini by Wendy Antenucci-insta

It’s hard to believe this part of life is almost done, so Momma is also going to be treasuring each moment as we finish up our eldest school career and send her off to her dreams!




Clearly Posh Gold Dot


Fuse Photo 2×2 Sleeve


6×6 Chipboard Book

123 Punch Board

Oh Goodie Paper Clips

Honey I’m Home Collection

One thought on “Graduation Mini Album

  1. That album is amazing. What photo format is right for it? I like the words and thoughts you used in the album. I’ve recently made a Shabby Chick album.

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