New Release: Frame Punch Board

If you’re a fan of our punch boards, you are going to LOVE this new release! Please say “Hello” to another new member of our punch board family, the Frame Punch Board!



With the Frame Punch Board you can make customized frames in multiple sizes. Quickly create 2 to 12 inch frames with this cut and punch system.


This tool works with any scrapbook paper, cardstock and more. Make frames in various styles, including Instax- and Polaroid-style frames.


These custom frames are perfect for layouts, planners, cards, gifts, decor and more.

Blog Hostess, Aly Dosdall, recently demoed this awesome new tool at the SPC Mixed Media trade show. You can catch an overview/demo video of the Frame Punch Board from the trade show by our friends at below.



The Frame Punch Board has just begun shipping to retailers, so watch for it in stores and online in the next month. For help finding a retailer near you, please send an email to

32 thoughts on “New Release: Frame Punch Board

  1. I just bought the frame punch board just wish there had been a chart that stated this size of paper will make this size of frame. Have to do a trial and error thing to get the size I want which takes time. A chart would be nice like I stated this size of paper will make this size frame with opening size this. Thanks Connie

  2. I saw this tonight in Hobby Lobby and decided to watch a YouTube about it prior to purchasing it. The first video I watched the girl said she makes it to make a Shaker card and that’s exactly what I wanted it for I didn’t want to buy you know on $80 little machine just to get a square. However I noticed what people are having a problem is that wants to cut the inside out with that blade it’s not cutting it good on the inside now I make my cards to sell and they have to look good if I’m going to spend that kind of money I want that blades work so have they improved it since they made it? Thank you

  3. I have senior friends that really would benefit from a “recipe” for different sized frames and what the settings should be on the cutter. I have figured it out somewhat…but they are asking about making 5 X 7 frames and 4 X 6 where the edges are thicker. Any “recipes” coming out? Thanks in advance.

  4. Could not wait to get my hands on this punch board. Thought it would make my life easier. BUT, I cannot get an even inside edge. The cut is off and I have to correct it with a paper trimmer or scissor. Any suggestions for a fix? TIA

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  7. OMG, I need this!! I just needed it last week and couldn’t figure out how to do a good job cutting a square in a card just the size I needed. I already own EVERY punch board you’ve ever created. I admit I’ve not used the flower maker, but I own it! My sister just bought the envelope maker cuz she loves mine.

  8. I need this punchboard now! I can just see it now- all my super cute layouts. It would even work to make a shaker frame. Excited! Can’t wait to pick this up. Hopefully the wait will be short!

  9. OMG this is totally Awesome, Cool & Fabulous a gotta have. Love what you shared about it!! I am a die hard scrapper since 2004 and this will be a great tool to have….I have 2 of your picture punches,,,,and love them both I am a huge fan of WRMK Punch boards. Off I go to purchase. YOU so ROCK!!

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