New Release: Typecast

Today we’re thrilled to announce another new release–a throwback with a cool retro vibe, perfect for oh-so-many craft and DIY projects. Introducing the Typecast typewriter and paper collection!



Keep your projects and your space looking cool with this new, fully-functioning, retro-style Typecast typewriter and paper collection. Easily add custom typewritten text to layouts, planners, cards, tags, notes, labels and more.


Fits various weights of paper and cardstock up to 12 inches wide. Typewriters come in black or pink.



Use your own paper, or try our collection of paper pads, cards, envelopes, tags, labels, postcards, pockets and treat bags.

Typecast Collection Collage 5 Typecast Collection Collage 4 Typecast Collection Collage 2 Typecast Collection Collage 1

Add more creativity to your projects with interchangeable colored replacement ribbons (sold separately).

Typecast Collection Collage 3

Find the Typecast typewriter and paper collection exclusively at your local Michael’s craft store, or shop now at

We want to know–what do you think? How would you use a typewriter with your craft projects?

62 thoughts on “New Release: Typecast

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  3. I have purchased one and am in Australia – I am disappointed as the typewriter jams every time I try to put the 12×12 cardstock through it. Also when I unwrapped the typewriter it had type on the roller – they are very expensive here in Australia and I hope someone contacts me – I have sent an email – nobody else I know has had this problem

  4. I am so disappointed to find out my local Michaels has discontinued selling this typewriter and accessories. Is this throughout ALL Michael’s? So disappointed to spend this much money and now can’t replace the ribbons, one of the cool features I thought.

  5. Love the pink one but find that the price keeps me from purchasing one. Love the fact that 12×12 paper fits in it. Since my budget is so tight I will be saving a long time for it or if I’m lucky it’ll be much cheaper for Black Friday

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  7. I purchase the pink one. I was wondering if they have a cover for it or if there is one out there that would fit this. Please someone let me know. I don’t want dust to set in when not in use.. Thanks. 🙂

  8. Bet this shows up on HSN on the next craft day. They usually get most of the WRMK newest products before the big box stores. Bet they will have a unique color only available for a few months from HSN.

  9. I am wondering who manufactured/designed this for you? There are elements of both Smith Corona and Royal. My father has been in the typewriter business since the Korean War, currently at Alabama Typewriter in Birmingham, AL!

  10. Mint green or turquoise please….. Both in typewriter AND ribbons…. Do your ribbons wirk in my vintage royal portable typewriters ?

  11. My Michaels finally has them in stock. Would love to know if it is coming in Mint, but We R Memory does not seem to want to confirm, maybe it depends on how many they sell in black and pink. My craft room is green, so Mint would be awesome.

    • They have them at CraftDirect dot com and are saying that it’s a pre order to come out in November. I had read that the mint was going to be released October 10th but haven’t been able to find one, personally. The Craft Direct does though, if you don’t mind waiting a bit, plus it’s discounted to $159 or $169 with free shipping. I hope that helps.

  12. I used my birthday money to treat myself to the pink typewriter. My family knows me so well. Eeek! I didn’t buy all of the accessories. However, I watched a YT video and the host stated that the black/white ribbon is really black/clear… and the ink does not provide white text. WRMK– please say that isn’t so! I am packing now, so crafting is on hold. But when I get settled, I plan to make card sentiments, tags, labels, etc. I definitely want white ink. There are a kajillion clear stamps out there that mimic typewriter font and are used primarily with white ink… Secondly, I love the color! My new craftroom will be so sharp with this accent. Finally, my daughter is in elementary school. She was tickled to play with it. I was just as happy to teach her. WRMK, job well done. Thank you.

  13. I’ve heard a rumour that this will be real eased in a teal colour in future. Is that true? I would love that! And, I could also use a corrector tape. . . 😉

  14. I’ve heard it will be coming out in different colors in October. Is this true? I wanna go get the pink one right now (in stock at my local Michaels) however will wait if there’s going to be a mint or teal one! Someone please tell me so I don’t waste my money! I can’t afford two – let alone one really! $199 ouch!

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  16. I purchased mine yesterday at Michael’s. Go it home and the carriage return won’t advance the page. Boo! I’ve tried it at every line spacing selection, but it won’t do it. I have to push in the button and release the platen so I can roll it by hand. Is there a simple fix that can be done or do I have to send it back? Other than that, it’s great!

    • I just received the mint typecast in the mail on Friday. I’m having the same issue with the carriage return. Did you ever figure out a solution?

  17. LOVE the new Typewriter & line. Simply gorgeous!

    My Mother & I were in Michael’s last night where I discovered the WRMK endcap. (Mom, of course, knew it existed a week ago lol) Mom got the 12×12 paper pad. A MUST for all crafters! When we got it home we noticed that the Typecast “logo” paper wasn’t included in the pad. Mom was a bit disappointed, as it caught her eye. So, I searched the line & discovered this blog.

    If it’s not already in production or the near future at WRMK, can we get paper with the typecast logo (graphic of typecast letters shown on all Typecast products)? And maybe a 6×6 paper pad, too? (For us card makers :))

    Thank you, WRMK for making crafting that much more enjoyable & easy. Ox

  18. I saw this on your blog and ran to Michael’s!! They have them in stock, so I told my husband that this would be a great birthday gift ( October). The price was $199.00, and I can’t use the coupons, but holding out for sale, maybe? I love the idea that if fits 12×12 paper and I love the white ribbon. I’ve never had good luck with white pens on dark paper. Was wondering if this will be on HSN any time soon?

  19. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this!!! I can’t wait to get my hands on some of the ribbons. I really want to try one to see if it will fit in any of my OLD typewriters. My grandson ask for a typewriter for his 8th birthday this year, he ended up with 6. Any chance you will bring reinkers out for these ribbons? How many feet do you get on a spool? Thanks WRMK!

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  21. OMG white out–seriously now I wish I had not ordered it. I have a great typewriter I have bern using and this will be a step back even with a typewriter!!

  22. I still have and use my little one that I have had for many a year! My grand kids tell me to use computer, but they don’t understand. A computer can’t always do what type writer can. They can still be purchased by a few catalogue companies, also ribbon refills.i would love the typewriter that you could get the ball or disc with different fonts! Mine was beyond repair!

  23. I just LOVE THIS! I’ve been wanting an “old” typewriter for some time, and this one is sooooo cute! Can’t wait to get it!

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  25. I am smitten!! 😍 I seriously have not been this excited about a new product EVER! I’ve been looking for a typewriter that still works (and not as old as the 1930’s Royal that I have), for the past couple years with no luck. So this is heavenly! I’m super excited about the different colors of ribbons! And oh my, all the paper products you have to go with it!! ❤️ THANK YOU!!! Now I’m just holding out till October to see if it’s coming in red… gosh that’s a long time to wait.

  26. I really dislike that it’s only available in Michaels stores as I live in the UK and you can’t even order online for delivery here.. 😦

  27. Already ordered nd it has been shipped. Use it to type on cardstock for labeling stamps, etc instead of using label amker–hopefully it has Correction tape with it or I will be very disppointed. Too used to having a backspace button on my IPAD to not be able to cirrect.

  28. WE R has been reading my mind!!! Soooo excited for this new product and product line. Can’t wait to see it in person and give it a whirl!

  29. Oh my goodness! This is awesome! I have always wanted to try a typewriter. I would use it for so many things like cards, layouts, journaling cards, and letters. I love that you can use 12×12 papers.

  30. What is offerred if you make a typo? Lol.. any of those old school white corrector sheets available? Or good o’l white out for now…….does anyone out know what I’m talking about??

    • WOW! I almost forgot about the corrector sheets! How do I remember that??? LOL. I must’ve used a typewriter more than I remember. You just brought me so way back… p.s. You can also use a dry white-out handy tool. but you may have to roll the sheet, erase, then roll back… but then you’d have to remember the placement or count the roll-notches… I am now on the hunt for corrector sheets.. hahaha
      P.S. I bought the last pink on in Palm Beach County, FL… lol

  31. How fabulous!!! I’ve always loved the feeling of my fingers hitting typewriter keys and hearing/feeling the “punch” as a key hits the paper….ahhh, memories of the good ole’days!!! But this! This is SO new and improved!!! It’s so beautiful and has all the bells and whistles that only WRMK can bring to the industry in such an awesome and innovative way!! LOVE it to the moon and back~!!

  32. Oh I love it all right. I ordered Mine Thursday August 4th at and ordered everyone of your multi colored replacement ribbons they had there were 2 colors backordered when they come in I’ll be buying those.
    Mine is to arrive on Friday, August 12 and can’t wait!! It was Ingenius of WRMK to have it take a 12 x 12 paper for us scrapbookers. WRMK Rocks!!!

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